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The heat and the sun may be good for the morale, but sometimes the skin likes them much less. And if you’re not careful, heat rashes can appear… Here are some tips to avoid them or get rid of them when the damage is done.

Heat rash, also called mildew, is a mild skin irritation that can affect anyone. Under the effect of heat and humidity, the channels that evacuate perspiration are blocked, causing the appearance of small pimples loaded with liquid which sometimes goes so far as to itch severely.

Get rid of heat rash easily

It is, however, very easy to prevent pimples caused by miliaria cutaneous ( sudamina ), and they usually go away on their own quickly.

How do you recognize heat rashes?

Miliary rash is characterized by small red pimples. They are often found on the neck or chest and in the folds and hollows of the body: armpits, groins, inside of the arms, behind the knees, etc.

What causes heat rash?

Sweating  ! When you sweat, the sweat usually evaporates. In summer or in hot areas, we will sweat more because of the heat, and this sweat will not necessarily be well evacuated. Result: the pores of the sweat glands become clogged. The liquid then flows around, and pimples appear.

This effect is all the stronger when the climate is hot and humid, and/or when the clothes are tight. Often these pimples itch.

Prevent heat rash

First of all, avoid sweating too much. For it :

  • Limit physical activities.
  • Take showers regularly to cool off (with lukewarm water to avoid an increase in body temperature by reaction): one or two minutes are enough
  • Wear loose clothes and natural materials.
  • Consume foods rich in essential fatty acids, which limit inflammatory phenomena.
  • Children are well protected from the sun.

Cure heat rash

If the damage is done:

  • let the skin air dry and avoid covering the area too much, so that it stays dry;
  • protect yourself from the heat: no need to add heat;
  • clean the skins with a disinfectant cleanser and dry well;
  • If you do not take a shower, apply cold compresses or ice cubes to the inflamed areas for about ten minutes, before drying off well.

Baking soda: a good tip against heat rashes

A trick to soothe heat rashes is to apply a little baking soda and/or talc to the inflamed areas. One can also add baking soda or oatmeal bath powder to a bath.

Soothe the skin

The winning product for soothing inflammation is aloe vera, the king for soothing itching. Apply some gel after cleansing the skin. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation two to three times a day. A calamine gel will also work well.

Image Credit: Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash


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