Making Love: How To Succeed In Your First Time?
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Making love for the first time is a very important step in the life of a young man or girl. How do we make love? How to succeed in your first sexual intercourse? Here is some valuable information to prepare for this moment!

Making love for the first time

If some teenagers evoke sexuality without complex with their parents, while others remain modest on the subject. In any case, making love for the first time often generates doubts and questions: “Will I be up to it?”, “Will I be comfortable enough?”, etc. These questions are completely normal and healthy.

The sexual act results in principle from a romantic and physical attraction between two people. Once both partners feel confident, they can then decide to have sex.

For this, they must protect themselves (condoms are the best way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and STDs) and think about contraception (as a reminder, first unprotected intercourse can lead to pregnancy).

How do you know if you’re ready to have sex?

Making love is not a trivial act, especially when you have never done it. It is therefore important to trust your instincts and not to be influenced by a partner who is too pressing. It is rare that the one with whom we share this first experience becomes the man or woman of our lives. On the other hand, it is certain that we remember his first time.

Before starting, it is better to think about several parameters:

  • Age;
  • Mutual trust;
  • Modesty;
  • The desire to make love;
  • Desire.

Making love means sharing intimacy, so it’s important that it doesn’t happen too soon. The act must not only be motivated by envy and curiosity, it must also feel desire for the future partner.

Finally, modesty must be assumed; Communication is extremely important to benefit from fulfilling sexuality.

How do we make love? Tips

To make love, both partners usually start by kissing and caressing each other. Desire rises little by little, depending on the attraction, confidence in oneself and in others but also according to the erogenous zones stimulated.

With arousal, the man’s penis erects and hardens, then it is said that he is erect. The woman’s vagina moistens and lubricates while the labia minora swell slightly.

Once both partners feel ready and have chosen adequate protection, they can engage in the sexual act as such: penetration. The man slides his penis into the woman’s vagina, then both partners move back and forth in order to give each other pleasure.

As a rule, the orgasm of one or both partners ends the sexual act. This is expressed by a feeling of intense pleasure. In men, it corresponds to ejaculation, in women, it generates many muscle contractions in the pelvic area. Sometimes both partners experience orgasm at the same time.

Is penetration that important?

Clichés die hard. However, penetration should not always be the apotheosis of the sexual act. Other practices are as many ways of making love as the act of penetration, it can be:

  • caresses;
  • kisses;
  • massages;
  • oral sex;
  • role-playing;

The latter obviously brings a lot of pleasure in many cases but also has a reproductive function. It is therefore not the only alternative to make love when one seeks above all sexual pleasure, and not procreation. Also, penetration can be painful for some women.

How to make love well?

There is no pre-established method to make love well, it all depends on the desire, context, and physical attraction of both partners.

During the sexual act, all the senses are awakened: smell, touch, sight, hearing, and even taste. Caresses and foreplay play an important role in love affairs.

Making love well is making sure that the other person has fun. It is sharing a moment of intimacy by getting fully involved.

Those who remain, spectators of their own performances, lack spontaneity and often “damage” their relationship. On the other hand, succeeding in letting go and indulging in pleasure is often a guarantee of success. Complicity and mutual trust are excellent assets in a love story.

Kamasutra: which sexual positions should be preferred?

Chaining a maximum of positions to show his know-how does not really promote orgasm. The first time, most couples choose the classic missionary position: the man lies on top of the woman and faces her. This position allows both partners to move their pelvis and thus control the depth of penetration while looking at each other.

Once both partners feel comfortable and begin to get to know their bodies, they can then consider performing in new positions. These intervene spontaneously during the act or are reflected upstream. The Kâmasûtra is an interesting collection for couples since it lists several dozen sexual positions (detailed and/or illustrated).

Many parameters come into play when it comes to physical love. Although there is no “universal technique”, you can rely on certain mechanical aspects while considering the great psychological part of the act of love.

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