4 natural products to color your hair gently

To take care of your natural hair, here are 4 Natural Products To Color Your Hair Gently

These methods work optimally on light brown to light brown, or even gray hair, in order to darken the hair and give it beautiful highlights, and this once a week.

Natural hair coloring: opt for plants

Hair coloring products often contain chemicals that may be ultimately harmful to health and the environment or cause allergic reactions. So make your colors with 100% natural products that can be found in his kitchen!

Color your hair with coffee

Coffee acts as a very good hair color, provided you have a light brown to light brown base. This will bring beautiful reflections while repairing your hair.

Coffee is not only a colorant, but it also protects the keratin of the hair and in this sense stimulates their growth and prevents falls.

Homemade coloring with strong coffee

After preparing a very strong coffee (which would be difficult to drink), you can either pour it (once well cooled) directly on clean, damp hair and then leave it to act for 1 hour by wrapping it or mix it with a natural conditioner. that will also be left to act for 1 hour on the hair.
To rinse, use apple cider vinegar mixed with lukewarm water to remove all traces of coffee and fix the color of the hair

4 Natural Products To Color Your Hair

Sage naturally covers gray hair

You can decide not to cover your gray or white hair and magnify its shine. If you want to hide them, natural products can also have their effect. Unlike coffee, sage can cover gray or white hair.

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House coloring based on sage leaves

To do this, we will infuse the leaves: boil a liter of water before plunging 200 g of leaves. Boil the mixture for thirty minutes, then let cool and use it as a pre-shampoo mask. Leave it on for thirty minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Cocoa gives chocolate reflections naturally

What if we wanted to magnify her brown hair with chocolate highlights? Consider cocoa powder for a homemade coloring mask. Cocoa is also a great product for covering gray hair, but you will need to be patient.

Homemade coloring with cocoa powder

The recipe is easy

  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons of honey

Mix well, and apply to dry hair. Let sit for an hour before rinsing.

Black tea to darken your hair

Black tea is known to turn yellow teeth. Its coloring effect, if it is not desirable on the teeth, is positive for the hair and allows it to darken naturally. It can be used as a rinse aid after shampooing.

Black tea is the perfect plant to darken significantly hair. Obtain organic black tea leaves, if you prefer.

Homemade coloring based on black tea

The recipe is easy, but you will need to prepare it the day before. Boil a liter of water and immerse 200 g of black tea leaves. Let boil for 30 min, let cool, and infuse for a full day. Filter and use the liquid to rinse your hair after each shampoo. For a stronger effect, you can use an unfiltered mixture like henna with a thicker mixture.

Image Credit : Photo by Dg fotografo from Pexels

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