5 health benefits of vegetable juice
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: https://www.pexels.com/photo/colorful-bottles-with-smoothies-beside-carrots-ginger-leaves-and-berries-4443492/

Vegetable juices have many benefits. They are vitaminized, colorful, and good for health.

They are low in fiber

Vegetables contain fiber that can be difficult to digest.

Reducing them to juice removes their fibers naturally and thus puts the body at rest, which, less busy digesting these fibers, can work fully to eliminate toxins.

Be careful, smoothies contain fiber, and only juices obtained with juice extractors contain little or no fiber.

They allow better absorption of nutrients

When we ingest food, the body has a big job: it must separate the fibers from the nutrients in order to redistribute them to the necessary organs. This process can be more or less long depending on the mastication and the metabolism of each one.

Drinking vegetable juice allows faster and easier absorption of essential nutrients by the body.

They are rich in vitamins

Vegetable juices are rich in vitamins and minerals, so they offer a good alternative for those who do not like to consume them on the plate.

In addition, they quickly enter the bloodstream, allowing cells to be deeply nourished and regenerated more easily.

They are low in calories

Naturally low in calories, vegetable juices offer a healthy alternative to sugar-rich sodas and alcoholic beverages.

When you are on a diet or abstinent (pregnancy, alcoholism), they allow you to enjoy the moment of the aperitif without feeling on the sidelines…

They hydrate the body

In summer, juices refresh and hydrate the body while providing it with essential nutrients, all without adding sugar or fat…

A good alternative for anyone who doesn’t like to drink water!

Image Credit: Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from pexels.com

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