6 tips to take care of your frizzy hair
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You have frizzy hair, and some days, when styling your hair, you only dream of straight hair.

Well, that’s a shame, because your hair texture can be a real asset every day!

In fact, you just need to know the right tricks to take care of your hair. Thus, you will display a pretty mane discipline, and be full of vitality. 

Frizzy hair is demanding and therefore requires a good routine to maintain it, especially because it tends to be fragile and brittle. 

So, don’t worry anymore in the morning in front of the mirror in your bathroom. Adopt the right beauty reflexes to reveal natural hair at the top! 

By taming your hair type, you will save time to prepare and be proud of your so sexy afro style.

1. Shampoo, a key step in your hair routine

Frizzy hair is often lacking in hydration and nutrition, two essential elements for its good health.

When shampooing, choose suitable products with specific active ingredients that will provide suppleness and shine. 

Aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, keratin, argan oil, shea butter, and eggs… Here is a list of ingredients to consider when choosing your shampoo (and even your conditioner).

In addition, prefer formulas without sulfate, phthalate, paraben, or silicone, a much softer composition for your hair in search of softness.

Another important point is the frequency of your shampoos.

Indeed, your hair is naturally low in sebum due to its twisted shape. As a result, one wash (or two at most) per week can be more than enough to avoid drying it out further.

2. Gentle drying and detangling for your frizzy hair

Ideally, you can dry your hair naturally after wringing it out with a soft cotton or microfiber towel, without rubbing. 

Know that frizzy hair detangles only when it is wet or just before proceeding to your shampoo. You must use a detangling comb (with wide teeth) or a special frizzy hair brush.

Otherwise, you risk having unattractive foamy volume instead of well-designed curls.

Do you absolutely want to use the hair dryer?

Systematically adopt a diffuser to maintain your curliness, and opt for cold drying to protect your hair fiber from drying out.

Finally, don’t forget that your hands are invaluable tools for styling and texturizing your hair.

3. Take care to protect your hair fiber in depth

Your hair needs attention, so give it nourishment at least once a week.

Oil bath or application of a mask, several options are available to you.

Why not apply a regenerating oil all night under a scarf or charlotte to give your thirsty hair a bath of youth?

Coconut, jojoba, shea, or argan oil have beneficial components to nourish and strengthen your hair.

Masks are also a good way to intensively care for your frizzy hair.

You will find on the market products adapted to your hair type. Remember to let your treatment act under a warm towel to boost its effects. 

4. Use daily leave-in conditioners to maintain your curls

Every day, when you wake up, you must reform your curls to give them spring. For that, you have to think about hydration.

You must have in your bathroom a must-have product, namely a moisturizer without rinsing. 

Spray, milk, cream… Different options are available to you depending on your needs, cream or butter (shea, mango…) will be perfect for extremely damaged and dull hair.

You can easily find it in stores, it is better to favor an organic formula based on natural ingredients. 

Apply this treatment to wet or dry hair, gently scrunching your lengths to obtain a bouncy effect.

5. Protect your frizzy hair while sleeping

When we sleep, our hair undergoes repeated rubbing on the pillowcase, which abuses the hair fiber, especially if your hair is frizzy and fragile. 

This is why we can only advise you to use a silk or satin pillowcase. In fact, a very soft material that will take care of your hair. 

Even better, you can bring a silk or satin nightcap, or even a net, to protect your curls while you sleep.

This will limit unsightly frizz upon waking and preserve the movement of your curls. 

Finally, if you put a few drops of dry oil on your hair, the cap will make it easier for the active ingredients to penetrate.

The net or night veil will also be able to avoid creases, a way to keep hair disciplined without effort.

6. Consider dietary supplements to nourish your frizzy hair from the inside

We often forget that the hair, like the skin, needs good nutrients taken internally, that is to say through food, to be healthy.

However, our way of life, often active, does not always allow us to adopt a balanced diet, while stress attacks our metabolism by revealing itself to be oxidative.

If you are in this situation and you notice that your frizzy hair is dull, revitalized, and lacks tone, you should consider taking a dietary supplement adapted to your situation.

Food supplements for the hair are rich in B vitamins, minerals such as zinc, and even amino acids. A cocktail that should stimulate your gloomy hair!

In addition, consider brewer’s yeast, in capsules or powder (to be incorporated into yogurt for example), it is also an ally for your hair.

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