8 Tips to Thicken Fine Hair: Get Luscious Locks Today

Tired of having flat, thin hair without volume? Do you dream of shiny hair, full of vitality? It’s possible!

Indeed, there are natural and simple methods to thicken fine hair and give it the volume it sorely lacks!

Whether with vitamins, hair care, or styling techniques, you will quickly find radiant and healthy hair.

Without further ado, we reveal 8 tips to thicken hair and give it volume!

1. Get your hair cut regularly 

Yes, sorry to tell you, but to have healthy hair, you must cut the ends every 3 months!

Indeed, by eliminating damaged ends and split ends, your hair will grow back thicker.

It is therefore essential to refresh your cut regularly to prevent the hair from degrading, breaking, and becoming difficult to comb. You can opt for a gradient that favors the volume of a cut.

Now that you have a good healthy base, let’s take a look at the other tips for thickening fine hair!

2. Take vitamins to thicken your hair 

Vitamins and food supplements are allies to regaining thick hair.

You must provide them with the necessary vitamins to avoid losing them too much, especially during seasonal changes, but also promote their growth.

Indeed, a lack of vitamins can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if you have fine hair.

Also, a cure for biotin or spirulina can help you limit hair loss and stimulate the production of keratin. Indeed, this protein helps to coat the hair and redensify it.

By boosting your body with vitamins, you will find hair full of vitality!

3. Focus on food for healthy hair 

Having healthy hair also involves diet.

Thus, for thickness and volume, your hair needs protein, zinc, iron, vitamins A, B, and E, or even essential fatty acids.

To provide these elements to your body, you must focus on the following foods:

  • Fatty fish like salmon;
  • Egg yolks ;
  • Legumes;
  • The lawyer;
  • Almonds, walnuts, and nuts;
  • The blueberries.

A healthy diet guarantees of having healthy and thicker hair.

4. Choose the right shampoos 

Say goodbye to aggressive shampoos!

Indeed, most shampoos contain sulfates which dry out the hair or even silicone which suffocates them.

Also, you should favor natural shampoos that will allow you to take care of your hair according to its nature.

Also, to allow you to naturally thicken fine hair, you need to space out your shampoos.

You can then use dry shampoos. However, be careful not to overdo it, because you risk suffocating the hair follicles and therefore slowing hair growth.

5. Make a henna mask to thicken your hair 

To densify hair fiber with natural products, nothing beats homemade masks!

In order to thicken your hair, and bring volume and shine, you can use neutral henna.

You retain your natural color and benefit from the benefits of henna powder. Indeed, henna makes it possible to thicken the hair, because it superimposes natural protective layers.

To make this henna mask, you just have to dilute it in very hot water and apply it all over the hair.

Leave on for at least 30 minutes, rinse, and admire the result: your hair is sheathed and fortified, with more volume.

6. Densify your hair with a clay mask 

Another natural mask that will allow you to densify the hair is a mask made of clay. It will bring volume to the lengths.

You must choose a clay corresponding to the nature of your hair. So prefer pink, white, or green clay if you have oily hair.

To make this mask, you need a wooden utensil and a bowl. Then you just need to dilute the powdered clay in mineral water.

Leave for a few minutes before applying to wet hair before your shampoo. Then leave it on for 20 minutes before washing your hair.

7. Think about stimulating your scalp 

To regain thick hair, stimulation of the scalp is essential.

Indeed, if your scalp is dry, the dead cells may partially clog the pores. Result? The diameter of your hair will be reduced at the time of regrowth.

That’s why you can use a scalp scrub to get rid of dead skin.

Do not hesitate to proceed to a massage; this will stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth.

You can also use peppermint essential oil or ginger oil, ideal for the microcirculation of the scalp!

8. Create an illusion… and give the impression of having thick hair

We reveal here a small list of tricks to create the illusion and give the impression of thick and voluminous hair:

  • Opt for braids rather than chignons: with braids that are not too tight, your fine hair will appear thicker and give the impression of volume;
  • Coloring: sweeping creates an illusion of volume by playing with shadows and light;
  • Brush your hair upside down to give it a boost and volume;
  • Finger dry hair and cheat with volumizing and texturizing powders;
  • Apply extensions to add volume.

Last advice, avoid heating devices that weaken the hair, especially if it is fine!

Image Credit: Image by Racool_studio on Freepik

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