Acne can spread to the back. So, how to fight back acne that is more stubborn and takes a long time to heal, by changing your shower habits?

Having pimples is not synonymous with a lack of hygiene, and suffering from back acne can be a real problem, especially in summer. But, this skin condition is not irremediable and it is enough to adopt these few simple gestures.

Back acne: a special condition

A non-contagious dermatological condition, acne is characterized by oily skin and a rash of pimples. But when these papules and pustules appear in the back, it happens that deeper lesions – with cystic tendencies – can be added that can eventually leave scars.

Acne is the result of excessive production of sebum, thus obstructing the excretory duct of the pilosebaceous follicle. 

This skin reaction promotes the formation of comedones and the proliferation of bacteria called bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, themselves responsible for inflammation, the detestable red buttons

Other clinical forms of acne ( microcysts or blackheads ) appear in the event of excessive dilation of the blocked pilosebaceous follicle.

Acne usually occurs on the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, torso, and even back. Whether late or not, back acne results from the same factors as those on the face and the symptoms are the same: blackheads, red or white inflammatory pimples, nodules, and sometimes cysts. But, this form of acne is often painful and more complex to treat.

Treating back acne: simple daily actions

How To Fight Against Back Acne
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If you suffer from back acne, especially avoid:

  • touch acne pimples,
  • any exposure to the sun,
  • to make scrubs,
  • sauna sessions.

To avoid the risk of secondary infection, opt for loose clothing, and wear clean underwear every day. If you need a bra, prefer it strapless.

Wash your sheets regularly. After physical efforts in order to reduce the risk of a skin rash due to sweating, take a cold shower, and avoid the use of super-rich soap.

End back acne by changing your shower habits!

In the shower, some hair treatments are not trivial for people prone to back acne, including conditioners according to some dermatologists.

In general, in the shower, you start by washing your hair, before washing your body while the conditioner acts on the head. 

However, rinsing off the conditioner after a shower leaves an oily residue on the back which covers and penetrates the skin: the oil contained in the conditioner enters through the pores that are well opened by a hot shower. This process, which clogs the sebaceous glands, promotes the activity of bacteria in the skin that can trigger acne.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to rinse off the conditioner before soaping the body: once the hair care is finished, bind them with a clamp, before continuing the shower.

If you want to let the conditioner act for a few minutes, you can also tie your hair and put on a shower cap before washing your body. After the shower, you just have to rinse your hair, and head upside down, to prevent the water from touching the back.

Latest tips to fight back acne

The less we hydrate, the more the skin produce sebum to compensate for the lack of water. So, better maintain your skin when you suffer from acne, you should remember to drink often

And on the diet side, we will ban products that are too fatty, such as cold meat, chocolate and candies, dairy products, and in particular semi-skimmed milk, alcohol, white bread, white rice, cookies, and others.

Image Credit : Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash

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