Benefits of drinking red wine | To fight cavities drink red wine

This study carried out by a team of Spanish researchers should not justify the consumption of a larger quantity of red wine, but allows us to understand the role of certain molecules of wine on oral health.

Drinking red wine is good for the heart and helps fight Alzheimer’s disease. The novelty is the discovery of the benefits of this drink on the teeth and gums.

The benefits of red wine on teeth and gums

The study published in the  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on February 21, 2018, was conducted by Spanish scientists and in particular Victoria Moreno-Arribas, in charge of the works management.

They discovered that certain polyphenols (antioxidants) found in wine – caffeic acid and p-coumaric acid – help fight bacteria.

Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

These bacteria responding to the scientific names of  Fusobacterium nucleatum (responsible for gum damage), Porphyromonas gingivalis  (in connection with periodontitis), and  Streptococcus mutans , (promoting cavities) are considerably reduced thanks to the action of red wine.

Be careful, however, not to increase your consumption of wine under the pretext of fighting against dental plaque!

Clinical trials necessary to confirm these experiences

The work also reveals that the action of these polyphenols, when combined with a probiotic called  Streptococcus dentisani,  is even more effective on oral health.

Researchers would like to find a way to take advantage of these antioxidants in wine without drinking more.

”  Mouthwashes and chewing gum have been proposed as interesting matrices for the use of dietary polyphenols in the management of oral health,”  concludes Dr. Moreno-Arribas.

For the moment, the tests have been performed outside the human body with cells simulating gum tissue. We must wait for clinical trials to obtain the final results.

Image Credit : Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

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