Boost your red hair naturally with these easy tips,

In addition to the henna that we know very well to give a boost to the reflections of redheads, the onion peels will bring nuances to your natural color but without going through the coloring box.



  • 4 handfuls of onion skins
  • 1 liter of demineralized water

The application

  • Put 4 handfuls of onion skins in a saucepan.
  • Cover them with a liter of demineralized water and boil for at least 5 minutes
  • Cover the mixture and let it steep off the heat.
  • Once the mixture is cold, filter and use as a rinse water.

And after using these tips, don’t forget to expose yourself to the sun to give depth to your color whether it’s natural or not!

Image Credit : Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

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