Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration

Braiding is the best friend of afros and curly hair: it protects the hair and allows you to style your hair without having to style it every day.

Among the possible hairstyles, there are box braids, which have been very popular since the 90s and are still very popular.

The purpose of this type of protective hairstyle is to protect the natural hair against breakage, dryness, and daily handling, but to really preserve the hair underneath, you need to take care of your box braids.

Discover in this article everything you need to know about box braids, how to maintain them, and the best ideas to inspire you.

What are box braids?

Box braids are three-wire braids whose sections are square in shape. Since they are usually braided all the way down, you can let them hang loose or pull them up in different ways.

Hair braiding as a whole date back thousands of years in Africa: braids indicated status and helped to differentiate between tribes.

Many braids seen today, including box braids, are of African origin. The popularization of box braids in the 90s would be attributed to Janet Jackson in the film Poetic Justice released in 1993.

Do box braids damage the hair?

Box braids are a favorite protective style for many people and have a long history behind them. It is also a great braid choice for curly hair.

The idea that box braids damage the hair would depend mainly on the way in which they are braided and removed.

If the poses and deposits are carried out incorrectly, the hair can be damaged and be accompanied by hair loss. Hence the importance of always calling on a qualified professional, who will know exactly what is recommended for your hair!

How to make box braids?

It is essential to ensure that your hair is shampooed, detangled, deeply conditioned, and cut before braiding. That way, they’ll be healthy and hydrated before creating a long-term braiding style.

Once the hair has been washed and dried, the hair is separated into several sections depending on the style chosen, small or large braids.

The braiding work can begin while continuing to disentangle as you go to be sure that the braids are well done.

What length of hair to make box braids?

Braiding box braids do not require long hair, as extensions are often added.

You just need to have hair long enough to be able to braid and style the hair.

How much do box braids cost?

Box braids can be quite expensive, which makes sense since braids can take up to eight hours to complete.

Prices can reach between $100 and $450 for box braids, depending on the hairdresser you choose and the number of bundles of braids you prefer.

How to take care of your box braids?

Maintaining a braid requires a few simple rules if you want to keep your tresses beautiful and shiny.

The first thing concerns the night: sleeping with box braids involves wrapping them delicately in a scarf, ideally silk, so as not to dry out the scalp and damage the braids.

It is also essential to wash your box braids, despite the popular belief that washing damages them. Shampoo every two weeks, gently massaging the scalp and braids.

It is also recommended to leave them in the open air as much as possible and not to tie your box braids every day.

Finally, you must remove your box braids after a maximum of 2 to 3 months depending on the condition of the braids: when the braids bother you or the root becomes too large.

Remember to let your hair breathe for a while before braiding again!

12 ideas of box braids in pictures

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • veeslayedyou_

This model wears simple African braids, with a color that suggests natural hair. These are box braids without additions with pretty pearls on the tips.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • tracaroline

These are long box braids in this image, with some curly hair on the lengths and blue streaks added.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • slayyeddbye

Here is a hairstyle of medium box braids, but blonde box braids this time. The tips form slight curls, without any added accessories.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • sheslays0.1

This type of box braids is totally different from the others because they are not strictly speaking braids. This brown square brings together thick locks turned on themselves to form like locks.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • sasheamari

These fine knotless box braids seem to be more suitable for fine hair and straight hair. This photo shows us that styling your box braids like normal hair is possible!

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • queen.afro_

Here is a nice model of goddess box braids: big box braids, very wide and often very long. A goddess hairstyle, as its name suggests!

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • mundodatranca

Another model of rather wide braids, displaying a parting in the middle. The bundles of braids are nicely separated by geometric triangular shapes.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • kayz_beauty_and_baking

Here is an example of very long braids: black and gray box braids. It is the gray extensions that give this two-tone effect in contrast to the black roots.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • estudioblessed

This hairstyle mixes short box braids with curly lengths. It’s a glamorous style that will be ideal for those who don’t want to wear only braids!

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • espacofelina

In this model, burgundy red is in the spotlight! These box braids with pearls are highly original, down to the details with the rings slipped into the braids.

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • braidsby.synara_

These box braids also display curly lengths, and the color is plain and natural. This option is interesting if you don’t want to wait 8 hours for completion: the braids are shorter, therefore faster!

Box braids: 12 ideas to find inspiration
© Instagram • tracaroline

We end in style with these magnificent midnight blue box braids, adorned with small golden beads! A model that comes out of basic colors such as platinum blond or brown.

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