Can you sleep with wet hair?
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Laziness, fatigue, lack of time…

Sometimes you just want to get into your cozy bed (and too bad if your hair is still damp)!

Unfortunately, skipping the “drying” stage before falling into the arms is not the best idea…

The risk? In the long run, you could end up with dull hair that lacks shine, breakage, and maybe even dandruff…

Are you immediately less sleepy?

Take advantage and keep reading: in this article, we explain in detail why sleeping with wet hair is a habit that should not be taken (and as a bonus, we reveal 4 tips for drying your hair well for a night calmly)!

Why is it better not to go to bed with wet hair?

Sleeping with wet hair is a bad idea! Did you just lie down? Sorry, but you’re going to have to blow-dry them unless you’d like to end up with hair that’s more sensitive, fragile, and more prone to becoming brittle.

For good reason, the shampoo + water combo lifts and loosens the scales of the hair fibers. The protective barrier of the hair is weakened, and the hair becomes more porous and, therefore, more sensitive to external aggressions.

Result: after a night’s sleep with wet hair, you may wake up with dull, even brittle hair. And as if that weren’t enough, knots and frizz can be part of it!

The downsides don’t end there: sleeping with wet hair can also cause torticollis, body aches, and migraines. No, you’re not dreaming! Also, high temperature, high humidity, or repeated friction on the pillow can promote the proliferation of bacteria: hello irritations, dandruff, and sometimes eczema.

If one evening, you really (but then, REALLY) have no other choice but to go to bed with wet hair (or at least damp), you must prepare them as well as possible for the sleep that awaits them. To do this, apply these few recommendations:

  • Wring out your hair with a microfiber towel;
  • Detangle your hair using a comb, preferably wide-toothed;
  • Apply a leave-in treatment to the ends to protect them from friction (this treatment also promotes detangling when you wake up);
  • Do not sleep with a towel wrapped around your hair (humidity and heat = bad smell)!

4 tips for drying your hair before going to sleep

If you really are a fan of shampoo at night, you must take the time to dry your hair thoroughly after your routine.

By following these tips, you can sleep soundly and wake up with shiny, healthy hair:

  • Pre-drying: it is essential to gently wring your hair without rubbing it. Instead, make pressure movements so that the towel absorbs excess water;
  • After gently detangling, apply a thermo-protective spray to protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer;
  • Opt for the right drying technique, you will save time while protecting your hair. You can start drying them upside down, and then, strand by strand;
  • Finish drying by using the cold option on your hair dryer. Thus, you limit the static electricity, moreover, the cold favors the shine of the hair.

And for an impeccable look when you wake up, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase and say goodbye to frizz!

Image Credit: Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

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