How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair

Whether you are blonde naturally or with coloring, you can take care of your blonde hair by avoiding chemicals.

Blonde hair requires special products to take care of its color and shine. Often thin, tending to dry out, and sensitive to sunlight, here’s how to maintain and care for your pretty blonde hair.

Natural or wicked blond hair: take care of it without chemicals

If you have bleached hair, you had to go through the chemistry box. But whether they are blonde naturally or artificially, you can take care of your hair naturally with organic plants or cosmetics.

Natural shampoos for blond hair

In organic cosmetics, there are many specific products for blond hair. The star plant of blondes: chamomile! This small flower gives pretty blond reflections to the hair. In addition, it soothes irritated scalps and strengthens fine hair.

How to take care of blonde hair
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Other natural ingredients that are often found in organic shampoos for blond hair? Honey and lemon, are also known to lighten the hair and take care of blond hair.

A natural treatment for blond hair

You can make a homemade hair mask yourself: mix egg yolk, olive or coconut oil, and a tablespoon of honey.
Let it sit for a quarter of an hour and then wash your hair normally.

As a general rule, to prevent your blonde hair from drying out, you can feed it with an oil bath twice a month: coconut, argan, or monoi oil will nourish your hair deeply. Use an organic vegetable oil: you can pick some from the kitchen department!

Also remember to strengthen your blonde hair, often fragile, with foods good for the hair, such as brewer’s yeast, to sprinkle on your salads or as a dietary supplement.

Taking care of your blonde hair in summer

Summer is the favorite season for blond hair: it brightens naturally thanks to the sun and sea bathing. However, beware of the pools! Whether your hair is natural or colored, it can turn green with the chlorine in the pool water. Apply a protective oil before bathing and rinse your hair thoroughly with clear water after swimming.

Natural colors for blond hair

Do you want to lighten your hair? Remake a color to the natural? There are organic colorings for blond hair. Impossible to have a platinum blonde result, but it allows them to hide their white hair or lighten several tones of their hair.

The key ingredients of natural colors? Neutral henna, but also chamomile and turmeric. To your blond and shiny hair… naturally!

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