Chapped Lips Remedies: 3 Steps To Relieve Chapped Lips

Cold, heating, cold … All the conditions are there to attack our lips and put them to the test in winter. Chapped, dry, sore lips? Don’t panic, 3 Steps To Relieve Them

The lips are fragile and deserve special care in winter. Hydration, and protection, here are good habits to take to avoid and treat chapped lips.

Chapped lips: protect – hydrate and repair

Take care of your chapped lips in three steps:

Erase: like the skin of the face, the lips require regular exfoliation on pain of seeing the appearance of small skin that we tend to tear off. To do this, go slowly. Sprinkle a soft, clean, slightly damp toothbrush with fine salt. Rub your chapped lips in circular motions gently to remove dead skin.

Feed: spend 15 min, once a week, feeding them. Here is an unstoppable homemade recipe. Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply to the lips and leave on for 15 min.

Protect: the simplest is often the best, use grandma’s method to create a protective screen. Butter, oil (olive or sweet almond), or honey are still the most effective solutions. If you want to use a commercial balm, choose it organic with shea, beeswax, or coconut oil, but the best is to make it yourself.

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If you can’t do without lipstick, go for a very moisturizing red with UV protection.

SOS chapping
When the damage is done: think honey. This natural treasure protects, nourishes, and also has antiseptic and healing properties. Apply to the lips in layers morning and evening.

Prevention for Chapped lips

Good reflexes

  • The dry lips are mostly signs of dehydration, remember to drink all day. Tea, water, herbal tea … Prepare a good liter to drink during the day.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, friends of our skin.

Things to avoid getting chapped lips

  • Do not “lick” the lips: saliva promotes drying.
  • Avoid rubbing your lips with your fingers: this accelerates the scaling process and promotes the appearance of mouth ulcers.

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