How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin On Face Home Remedies

Dry Skin: Natural Solutions To Nourish It..??, Wind, bad weather, air often too dry inside and cold outside … all these contrasts do not spare the skin. Already sensitive the rest of the year, yours dries up in autumn and tightens in winter? She needs to be very well protected, and frankly pampered: thanks to targeted care, offer her the nourishing care she deserves.

Some skins are more delicate than others. Thin and fragile, dry, and sensitive in ordinary times, they tend to become even more so in autumn and winter. How do protect dry and sensitive skin? There are many solutions… take advantage of them!

Dry skin: feed it!

First of all, it is important to understand why your skin dries up to treat it with suitable solutions.

Factors of dry skin

Any dryness of the skin comes from a significant drop in natural hydration. This is not dehydration, but a weakening of the lipid barrier of the skin: the latter, thinner, then does not retain enough water, and it is the door open to dry, dull skin, uncomfortable.

To act at the root of the problem, it is therefore essential to provide substances capable of restoring and maintaining a correct rate of hydration, whether by acting from the inside or the outside.

Over the years, another factor is added to a situation that is sometimes already critical: over time, the skin produces less sebum, which results in both a gradual loss of elasticity and more drying fast.

The only possible prevention is to nourish it generously, with gentle care, to respect its delicate, but creamy nature, in order to partially compensate for the loss of sebum.

The first question to ask yourself is: are you drinking enough water? If this is not the case, increase your consumption of water, but also of herbal teas or vegetable juice up to 1.5 or 2 liters per day.

It is then a question of increasing comfort and if possible also acting on the skin quality. The place for this all care is likely to improve its hydration, flexibility, and elasticity, with 3 key moments plus some extras …

Make-up removal for dry skin: essential

Dry Skin: Natural Solutions To Nourish It

Indispensable morning and evening to rid the skin of the impurities that have accumulated there, both during the night and during the day, removing makeup from dry skin require the utmost softness.

No question of mistreating this already sensitive skin with hard water or aggressive products! The ideal for her? Moisturizing cleansing milk, from which you will remove the last traces with a floral lotion.

Avoid overly scouring soaps, too hot or too hard water, as well as alcohol-based lotions and other astringent treatments: they are all far too aggressive for already fragile skin.

The misting of thermal waters are real allies with whom we can never count enough. Soothing and refreshing, thanks to their antioxidant properties, they protect the skin while moisturizing it during the day: an excellent reflex, whatever your skin type, if you work in overheated offices!

The ideal care for dry skin

Dry skin needs to be cleaned with a mild, natural soap every morning. Aleppo soap is a good product for the shower every day. Then it is essential to protect the skin with a good day cream.

Protective day cream for dry skin

After the morning makeup removal, the skin needs to be protected, nourished, and hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, it is not because it is dry that it particularly appreciates fatty products … or for that matter that these funds are the most effective.

Among the ultra-protective day creams, choose those that, by helping the skin to absorb water, but also the nutrients they contain, help restore balance and restore the skin barrier, while penetrating easily and without leaving a greasy film.

Creams, fluids, or serums… the current generation of skincare products for dry skin meets the highest requirements: they delight the hungry, of course, and revive the natural mechanisms of hydration, while offering a more radiant, smoothing, or even lifting effect.

A smart move
Applied to the face before the day cream, a few drops of a well-chosen essential oil (rose, benzoin, ho wood, etc.) combined with certain vegetable oils (argan, jojoba, etc.) reinforce the moisturizing effects of the treatment.

As for “ anti-cold creams  ”, they isolate the skin from external aggressions, that’s always a win! Finally, we can never repeat it too much, snow + sun = high index sun protection essential! Especially in the mountains, and even in overcast weather … Dry skin cream – Bôm Are you looking for a face cream, do you have dry or fragile skin?

Good news, you have THE solution! The calendula (marigold) will be your daily ally. In addition, this cream or melting balm does not contain water and will be very well accepted by your skin (no preservative, no emulsifier).

As for night care, their vocation is to take advantage of your sleep to nourish your skin even more. Relax and regenerate tired skin, stimulate cell renewal, hydrate deeply to restore tone, and densify the skin, thanks to their rich compositions, they can do almost everything and are very active while you sleep. With them, even the driest skin has the right to dream …

Image Credit : Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels

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