Ladies, you all opened your mascara one morning and had the unpleasant surprise of finding it very dry (so by the way, you bought it just 3 weeks ago!). Here are a few tips to extend the life of your mascara

For a captivating look and long, voluminous lashes, mascara brings the final touch to eye makeup. But this cosmetic product tends to dry out quickly over time, making packages on the eyelashes and can sting the eyes. How to easily make it creamy?

Women and mascara, a story that lasts!

The indispensable miracle brush that makes it irresistible gaze traveled quite a way from the XIXth century. The first mascara was invented in 1880 by Eugène Rimmel, a French perfumer who moved to London. It is then designed from a mixture of coal and petroleum jelly.

In 1913, the chemist TL Williams and his sister Maybel developed a new formula: the product came in the form of a “cake mascara”, a small roll made up of dyes and carnauba wax.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Mascara

The mascara could be applied using a brush that was moistened before rubbing it on the bread. The product was sold under the Maybelline brand which still exists today.

In 1956, Helena Rubinstein developed the first rechargeable mascara in a tube, with a brush to be able to spread it easily on the eyelashes: what a revolution!

Since then, manufacturers have been competing in technology and marketing innovations: brushes that make eyelashes always longer, ever more curled or always denser, guaranteed “doe eye” formulas, dozens of colors… However, the miracle anti-drying formula has still not seen the light of day!

How To Extend The Life Of Your Mascara

The mascara has a lifespan of around 3 months on average. If there is a tendency to close the tube incorrectly, it can quickly be reduced to just a few days.
A simple tip to enjoy your tube a little longer:

In order to make the mascara more creamy, the first step is to dip the mascara tube (tightly closed) in a glass of hot water for a few moments to soften it. Then add 1 to 2 drops of vegetable oil – sweet almond for example which is rather economical – directly into the tube, and mix well using the brush.

This process also works with physiological saline or glycerin which is easily found in pharmacies.

Some use moisturizer for the face or eye contour serum: just apply a small amount on the brush and stir it well in the tube
And you, what are your makeup tips? Come share them!

Be aware that anyway, mascara is a cosmetic product that expires quickly. You will sometimes read that the lifespan of mascara can go up to 6 months … Be careful though: the mascara can become a real nest of microbes that may come to infect the eye, and there, hello conjunctivitis …

Image Credit : Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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