Foot care: what care to have beautiful feet?

The feet are probably part of the body to which we pay the least attention. However, the beauty and care of the feet are essential to feeling good. Pillars of the body, and the feet need specific attention and care throughout the year.

Foot care, a real care routine

Taking care of your feet is not always obvious. For lack of time or attention, we neglect what supports our weight throughout the day.

Except in summer, when sandals and other open shoes make us aware of the fact that our feet have lacked care during the winter: dry feet, nails in poor condition, cracked heels, calluses, etc.

In order to remedy these inconveniences and regain pretty feet, you must take special care of them. Once a week or every 15 days, treat them successively with a scrub and the application of nourishing cream.

Since toenails grow more slowly than fingernails, it is not useful to cut them too often. Nevertheless, check regularly that there is no risk of ingrown toenails and also avoid cutting them too short.

Homemade foot care

In the event that your feet do not present any particular problems, such as significant calluses, simple home treatment is sufficient. This allows when it is carried out regularly, at the rate of once every 15 days at least and more often in summer, to preserve the softness and the beauty of your feet.

For this you will need:

  • baking soda
  • a nourishing vegetable oil, such as apricot oil or olive oil
  • essential oil of your choice, for its fragrance and relaxing effects
  • a pair of night socks

In a small basin, run hot water, at the temperature that suits you. Then pour 200 g of baking soda and let it melt. Add a few drops of essential oil if you wish, true lavender or even yellow mandarin, for the smell and their benefits on morale. Immerse your feet in this bath for about 1/4 hour.

Baking soda will relax your feet and cleanse them deeply. Hot water will soften the epidermis. This will then allow you to exfoliate more effectively. Again, you can use baking soda as an exfoliant, mixed with vegetable oil.

After exfoliation, rinse your feet and dry them thoroughly. Then, massage in a nourishing oil. To make it penetrate and take advantage of all its virtues, put on night socks after the massage and sleep like this. The next morning, your feet will feel incomparably soft.

Dry feet, how to soften them?

If your feet suffer from greater dryness, turning to specialized creams on the market is a solution, provided you opt for the right products.

However, if you suffer from corns and calluses, or thick dead skin that is difficult to remove, it is advisable to consult a podiatrist.

Are foot creams effective?

When you have very dry feet, the cream you choose must be enriched with molecules with strong repairing power, such as glycerin or allantoin. It must also have a high rate of penetration to be effective.

However, beware of creams that contain mineral oils ( paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil on the packaging) that are derived from the petrochemical industry. If they immediately improve the appearance of the epidermis of the feet, it is only a surface treatment.

Creams with a quality composition are profitable in the long term, provided they are used very regularly. For very dry feet, a massage once a day is recommended.

What about graters sold commercially?

The need to have pretty feet, soft and without calluses, has of course not escaped the specialized manufacturers. There have therefore been, for a few years now, in supermarkets or para pharmacies, many tools to restore softness to the feet.

These products are displayed at more or less high prices, depending on whether the device is electric or manual, very elaborate or not. Electric graters of course allow a faster and effortless result.

The effectiveness of these products is real when their regular use is added to moisturizing care. However, you can achieve equally good results with more ordinary tools that have been proven for decades, such as a pumice stone.

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