Can you take your hair straightener on the plane?
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Wondering if you’re allowed to take your straightener, whether corded or cordless, on the plane? Depending on the airlines, the regulations are different. For some, the straightener is prohibited, for others, it is authorized in the cabin and in the hold. 

This partly depends on the composition of the battery. We help you decipher the information to allow you to be on top at any time!

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Air France?

The answer is yes! The company authorizes the straightener in the cabin and in the hold even if it contains hydrocarbon gases. You can therefore take it with you in your hand luggage.

Depending on your destination and your situation, you will not always have access to an electrical outlet to plug in your device. This is why many women opt for a cordless, battery-operated hair straightener. 

However, its use and the transport of gas refills are prohibited on board the aircraft. You will need to make sure to attach a lid to the heating part. You can only carry one device during your trip.

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Easyjet?

If you decide to opt for the Easyjet company and you have to take your hair straightener, know that you are authorized to take it with you in the cabin. The regulations are not very strict at this level. Be aware that its use is strictly prohibited on board and you are not authorized to carry gas refills. 

Indeed, some straighteners contain gas under high pressure which is extremely flammable. This is a safety measure for all travelers! As with Air France, you can only take one aircraft.

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Ryanair?

As with other airlines, you have every right to take your hair straightener with you. Be aware that it must weigh less than 1kg! Ryanair will not accept your device if it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. 

If there is a problem with your hair straightener, even at the battery level, you will have to notify the aircraft staff.

Which straightener to choose for air travel?

More compact, lighter, and smaller, the travel straightener is very practical for those who often travel by plane. It is important to choose the device well without spending a fortune on price.

You can start by comparing the power of the straightener. You should know that its autonomy does not exceed 30 minutes. It must therefore be powerful enough to heat sufficiently and guarantee a good hold of the hair. The temperature must be able to reach approximately 205°C, otherwise, the result will not be satisfactory.

Then look at the size of the plates. Even if the straightener is small, it must be able to perform its duty. Depending on the length of your hair, you will opt for narrow, normal, or wide plates.

You now have all the keys in hand to fly with your straightener and be in good standing!

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