Can you take your hair straightener on the plane?

When it comes to air travel, knowing what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on luggage is essential to avoid any last-minute surprises at the airport security checkpoint. One common item that travelers often wonder about is their hair straightener. Can you take your hair straightener on the plane? Well, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. It depends on various factors and regulations set by airlines and airport security. In this article, we will delve deep into the rules and guidelines for traveling with your hair straightener, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable journey. Let’s get started!

Can You Take Your Hair Straightener on the Plane?

Before we explore the specifics, the short answer is yes, you can generally bring your hair straightener in your carry-on luggage. However, there are some important points to consider to ensure compliance with airline and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules.

TSA Rules and Regulations for Hair Straighteners

According to the TSA guidelines, hair straighteners fall under the category of personal care items and are allowed in carry-on bags. However, there are some essential rules to follow:

  1. Wattage Limit: Hair straighteners with a wattage exceeding 1000 watts are typically not allowed on the plane due to their high power consumption.
  2. Heat Element Inspection: Security officers might inspect your hair straightener at the checkpoint to ensure it doesn’t pose any safety risks.
  3. Heat-Resistant Case: Consider investing in a heat-resistant case for your hair straightener to pack it safely, especially if it’s still warm when you’re heading to the airport.

Packing Tips for Hair Straighteners

  1. Unplug and Cool Down: Always unplug your hair straightener and let it cool down before packing it in your carry-on bag.
  2. Cord Organization: Secure the cord of your hair straightener to prevent any tangles or damage during transit.
  3. Travel-Friendly Models: If possible, opt for travel-sized or compact hair straighteners that are specifically designed for portability.
  4. Dual Voltage Straighteners: For international travel, choose hair straighteners with dual voltage compatibility to use them in different countries.

Understanding the Lithium-Ion Battery Regulations

Many modern hair straighteners come with lithium-ion batteries, which are subject to specific rules and regulations when it comes to air travel. It’s essential to be aware of these guidelines to avoid any issues at the airport.

TSA Rules for Lithium-Ion Batteries

  1. Carry-On Only: Lithium-ion batteries are allowed only in carry-on bags and should not be placed in checked luggage.
  2. Watt-Hour Rating: Lithium-ion batteries with a watt-hour rating exceeding 100Wh may require approval from the airline.
  3. Quantity Limits: Most airlines permit passengers to carry spare lithium-ion batteries with a rating below 100Wh, but there might be restrictions on the number of spare batteries allowed.

The TSA PreCheck Advantage

If you travel frequently and want to breeze through security checkpoints, consider enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program. TSA PreCheck members enjoy expedited screening, which means you can leave your hair straightener and laptop in your bag, keep your shoes on, and pass through metal detectors rather than full-body scanners.

Can You Pack Hair Straighteners in Checked Luggage?

While you can pack your hair straightener in checked luggage, it is generally not recommended. Checked baggage is subjected to more handling, increasing the risk of damage to delicate items like hair straighteners. Additionally, if your checked luggage gets lost, you’ll be without your hair straightener for your trip.

Safety Tips for Using Hair Straighteners

Whether you’re using your hair straightener at home or during your travels, safety should always be a top priority. Follow these safety tips to ensure you have a smooth and incident-free experience:

  1. Heat Setting: Use the appropriate heat setting for your hair type to prevent damage.
  2. Heat Protection Spray: Apply a heat protection spray before using the straightener to minimize heat-related hair damage.
  3. Avoid Moisture: Never use the hair straightener on wet or damp hair to avoid burns and damage.
  4. Unplug After Use: Always remember to unplug the straightener after use to prevent accidents.
  5. Store Safely: Allow the hair straightener to cool down completely before storing it.

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Air France?

The answer is yes! The company authorizes the straightener in the cabin and in the hold even if it contains hydrocarbon gases. You can therefore take it with you in your hand luggage.

Depending on your destination and your situation, you will not always have access to an electrical outlet to plug in your device. This is why many women opt for a cordless, battery-operated hair straightener. 

However, its use and the transport of gas refills are prohibited on board the aircraft. You will need to make sure to attach a lid to the heating part. You can only carry one device during your trip.

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Easyjet?

If you decide to opt for the Easyjet company and you have to take your hair straightener, know that you are authorized to take it with you in the cabin. The regulations are not very strict at this level. Be aware that its use is strictly prohibited on board and you are not authorized to carry gas refills. 

Indeed, some straighteners contain gas under high pressure which is extremely flammable. This is a safety measure for all travelers! As with Air France, you can only take one aircraft.

Can you take your hair straightener in cabin baggage with Ryanair?

As with other airlines, you have every right to take your hair straightener with you. Be aware that it must weigh less than 1kg! Ryanair will not accept your device if it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. 

If there is a problem with your hair straightener, even at the battery level, you will have to notify the aircraft staff.

Which straightener to choose for air travel?

More compact, lighter, and smaller, the travel straightener is very practical for those who often travel by plane. It is important to choose the device well without spending a fortune on price.

You can start by comparing the power of the straightener. You should know that its autonomy does not exceed 30 minutes. It must therefore be powerful enough to heat sufficiently and guarantee a good hold of the hair. The temperature must be able to reach approximately 205°C, otherwise, the result will not be satisfactory.

Then look at the size of the plates. Even if the straightener is small, it must be able to perform its duty. Depending on the length of your hair, you will opt for narrow, normal, or wide plates.

You now have all the keys in hand to fly with your straightener and be in good standing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I pack a hair straightener in my carry-on bag?

Yes, you can bring a hair straightener in your carry-on bag. Just ensure it complies with TSA rules and regulations, especially regarding wattage and battery restrictions.

Q: Are there any size restrictions for hair straighteners in carry-on luggage?

There are no specific size restrictions for hair straighteners. However, it’s advisable to choose a travel-friendly, compact model for convenience.

Q: Can I use my hair straightener on the plane?

In general, you cannot use your hair straightener on the plane, as using high-power electrical devices is prohibited during the flight.

Q: What should I do if my hair straightener is confiscated at the security checkpoint?

If your hair straightener is confiscated, you have the option to surrender it, mail it to your destination, or place it in your checked luggage if possible.

Q: Is it better to pack my hair straightener in my checked luggage or carry-on bag?

It’s generally better to pack your hair straightener in your carry-on bag to minimize the risk of damage and loss.

Q: Can I travel with a hair straightener that has a damaged cord?

No, it’s not recommended to travel with a hair straightener that has a damaged cord, as it may pose safety hazards.


In conclusion, when it comes to air travel and bringing your hair straightener along, the answer is generally yes, you can take it in your carry-on luggage. However, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules and regulations set by airlines and the TSA to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

Remember to check the wattage of your hair straightener, as high-power devices exceeding 1000 watts might not be allowed on the plane. It’s also advisable to invest in a heat-resistant case to pack your straightener safely, especially if it’s still warm when you head to the airport.

If your hair straightener comes with a lithium-ion battery, be aware of the specific guidelines for these batteries during air travel. Always keep them in your carry-on luggage, and if they have a watt-hour rating above 100Wh, check with your airline for approval.

When selecting a hair straightener for air travel, look for a compact and lightweight model with dual voltage compatibility, especially if you plan to travel internationally. Adjustable heat settings, heat protection features, and an automatic shut-off option enhance safety and convenience during your journey.

Packing your hair straightener in your carry-on bag is generally recommended, as checked luggage poses a higher risk of damage and loss. Additionally, prioritize safety when using your hair straightener, and follow the TSA guidelines for proper storage and transportation.

Overall, with a travel-friendly hair straightener and adherence to the rules, you can confidently style your hair and enjoy your trip without any worries. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a fabulous and stylish journey wherever you go!

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