Health benefits of black garlic

Don’t like the taste and smell of white garlic? So black garlic is the ideal alternative to enjoy all its benefits …Discover all the health benefits of black garlic

Originally from Asia, black garlic is considered a healthy food. This means that in addition to feasting on us, he also takes care of our health! Reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, or even protecting our brain, black garlic has many beneficial properties for our body …

All the benefits of fermented black garlic

If the benefits of garlic have been recognized since Antiquity, we generally know less about black garlic, which is very beneficial for health.

Soft and melting on the palate, the aromas of black garlic vary according to its drying time and are somewhat reminiscent of those of balsamic vinegar.

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What is Black garlic?

Black garlic has been known since ancient times. It is obtained by fermentation, a process used for several centuries in Asia.

For this, fresh garlic heads are placed in a closed container at 80 ° C in a humid atmosphere in order to be ripened. This process takes around 30 to 45 days.

The oxidation which then occurs gives the pods their black color. Fermentation stabilizes allicin, the substance responsible for the smell and strong taste of white garlic. It is thus transformed into S-allyl-cysteine and S-allyl-mercaptocysteine ​​which are powerful antioxidants.

Exceptional properties

Thus, black garlic is rich in antioxidants. It contains twice as much as white garlic and therefore protects our organisms from free radicals. This famous waste is notably responsible for the premature aging of our cells and diseases.

Black garlic also improves our immunity and helps us fight against winter infections. Studies have also shown that S-allyl-cysteine ​​helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

For this it uses the same mechanism as statins, these molecules are contained in drugs to fight against cholesterol. Black garlic helps keep your heart healthy, especially with daily supplementation.

And that’s not all! Black garlic also has antifungal and antibacterial effects: it notably inhibits the growth of Candida albicans.

Finally, S-allyl-cysteine ​​also exerts a preventive action against the death of our brain cells. It thus improves our learning capacities, and our memory, and would even lengthen our lifespan!

Preparation of black garlic

In organic groceries, you can easily find black garlic: in the whole bulb or in pods already peeled, the choice is yours. There are also black garlic food supplements, practical for a cure! You can also prepare it yourself, but you will need to be very patient.

Make your own black garlic

To make black garlic yourself, it’s very easy, provided you have a rice cooker. If this is the case, place your white garlic bulbs in it and leave the appliance on “keep warm” for 12 to 20 days. The time varies depending on the amount of garlic you put in your cooker.

To make the recipe a success, open the appliance as little as possible and for the shortest time possible, just long enough to turn the heads of garlic two or three times during fermentation. Be careful if you open the cooker at the start of cooking, the vapors that will escape are as powerful as tear gas!

For the garlic to turn black, you need a temperature between 55 ° and 80 ° C and a humidity between 70 and 95%.

After the 12th day, check the color of a pod by cutting it with a knife, it must be very dark in the interior. If the color is good, stop cooking and let the pods air dry for about 10-20 days at room temperature. When the pods are firm, they’re ready to eat! Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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