How To Improve Vision, Discover the benefits of lutein-rich chlorella and DHA, which contribute to the proper functioning and protection of the retina.

Did you know? Omega-3, including DHA, present in large quantities in our retinas, are the allies of our eyes. DHA is, therefore, an essential component of the eye and plays a fundamental role in vision

Chlorella is a natural product, concentrated in active ingredients, and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is also the food richest in lutein (content> 150 mg / 100 g), the main constituent of the macula, an area of ​​the retina that directly influences the level of visual acuity. It is ideal for changing seasons and during periods of fatigue.

Supplements that improve eyesight

In various recent studies, French researchers summarize current knowledge on eye diseases in infants.

They point out that ” nutrition plays a key role in visual development: infant formula containing essential nutrients for normal visual development (including omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (or DHA ) and fatty acid arachidonic omega-6) can protect non-breastfed children from abnormalities in visual development. ”

According to a Quebec study, taking DHA during pregnancy could have a positive impact on the visual functions of children of school age (1).

The Role of DHA in eye health

Supplementation with DHA and chlorella can bring a definite benefit to the good health of your eyes at any age.

Research in recent years on DHA has shown that it allows:

1) To prevent loss of vision due to age, in particular by limiting the increase in the retina of a toxic substance, A2E. This property could be explained by the fact that DHA is a precursor of neuroprotectin D1, an anti-inflammatory substance that protects the retina.
2) To maintain the integrity of the lipid membranes in the retina and thus participate in the regeneration of rhodopsin, a visual pigment that is involved in the transformation of the light message into an image.

3) Protect the eyes by limiting angiogenesis  – the generation of new blood vessels – and the proliferation of endothelial cells – those on the innermost layer of blood vessels, in contact with the blood.

DHA could, therefore, be beneficial in cases of proliferative retinopathies and pathologies related to vast proliferation.

Omega-3s reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration

How To Improve Vision, With DHA And Chlorella

The Related Macular Degeneration Age (AMD) is the progressive destruction of the cells of the retina. It is the leading cause of visual impairment in people over 60 in industrialized countries. However, regular consumption of omega-3 – twice a week – reduces the risk of advanced AMD

In 2008, a meta-analysis including more than 88,900 people showed that regular consumption of fish reduced the risk of early AMD by 24% and advanced AMD by 33%, while taking high doses of omega-3 decreased the risk of advanced AMD by 38%. (3) . Many other studies have supported these benefits since.

DHA, chlorella, and omega-3 help prevent many other eye ailments

DHA supplementation also allows:

• To fight against dry eye syndrome, by fighting against the symptoms of dry eyes, the rate of evaporation, and the secretion of tears. In combination, linseed oil, EPA, and DHA help increase the production and volume of tears.

• To fight against glaucoma – a disease due to an increase in eye pressure that reaches the optic nerve and leads to a progressive loss of the visual field – and retinopathies – all diseases of the retina, and more precisely those of vascular and degenerative origin. However, more research is needed to confirm this data.

Omega-3 and visual development

Some research to be confirmed also suggests a benefit of omega-3 in children’s visual development. DHA appears to be important for the early and long-term development of children’s visual functions.

Image Credit : Photo by Mark Arron Smith from Pexels

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