what seafoods are high in iron | Iron-rich seafood

‘Iron is a mineral that serves important functions in your body, but many people don’t get enough. Here is a list of healthy iron-rich Seafood.

Oysters are rich in iron

The oyster is a very good source of omega-3 just like the mackerel or the sardine. But the oyster is also a very good source of heme iron. It provides the body with zinc, selenium, copper (good for protection against free radicals), as well as phosphorus (good for the formation of bones and teeth).

For 8 oysters or about 100 g = up to 9 mg of iron

Please note: pregnant women are not recommended to eat raw oysters.

Clams, sources of iron

At equal weight, the clam contains up to four times more iron than a portion of beef liver, and almost as much as black pudding, an iron champion. A portion of 100 g of clams (about 13 clams) is enough to meet all of the daily iron needs of an adult man or woman.

100 g of clams = 15 mg of iron

In the absence of clams, which are rarely found, unless you are by the sea and in the right season, the other iron-rich shells are mussels, with more than 5 mg of iron per 100 g. Fresh, canned, or frozen, you can eat it all year round. In addition, they are more affordable in price than clams.

Iron-rich fish and seafood

[mg iron / 100 g]
Foam Fish9
Oysters5 to 9
Herring Marinated3.5
Sardines in oil3.3

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