Iron-rich vegetables | Vegetables High in Iron

‘Iron is a mineral that serves important functions in your body, but many people don’t get enough. Here is a list of healthy iron-rich Vegetables.

Spinach, an iron vegetable?

They made the reputation of Popeye. However, while spinach is also a good source of iron, it is not the champion in this category. Low in calories (22 kcal / 100 g), they have the advantage of being powerful antioxidants and rich in vitamin A. Boiled, spinach has a higher iron content than raw.

100 g raw spinach = 3.4 mg iron

Mung beans are rich in iron

The legume sold in France under the name ”  green soya  “, is a species close to the bean ( Vigna radiata ), it is also called ”   green bean mung “. It should therefore not be confused with soybeans.

The mung beans provide the body with iron non-heme. In addition, vegetable proteins and isoflavones contained in soybeans are known to protect against cardiovascular diseases.

250 g cooked soybeans = 9 mg iron.

Please note, that they should never be eaten without preparation. You will need to cook or ferment them.

Tofu is rich in iron

Tofu is obtained from coagulated soy juice using a salt rich in calcium or magnesium and then pressed. The technique of making tofu is similar to that of making cheese, without fermentation.

Tofu is therefore obtained by a process of “coagulation” of the soy beverage.

It is an appreciable source of iron and vegetable proteins. As it has almost no taste, it is often added to other foods (soups, salads, etc.) to replace animal proteins.

100 g tofu = 5 mg iron

White beans are rich in iron

Rich in non-heme iron, white beans have the advantage of providing the body with almost 50% of the average recommended intake of dietary fiber, or about 25 g per day. They also constitute around 30% of the recommended total protein intake since they are rich in vegetable proteins.

100 g of white beans = 3 mg of iron

Tomato is rich in iron

The tomato contains lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant, it thus makes it possible to fight against aging and certain coronary diseases.

It contains a lot of vitamins: A, C, E, and PP, but also fibers and minerals (potassium, iron, and a little magnesium, calcium, zinc, and copper).

 [mg iron / 100 g]
lentils 8
White beans3
Tomato puree<3

Image Credits : Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels

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