How to lighten hair naturally? | natural recipes to lighten hair
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Do you dream of blond or golden highlights in your hair, but do not want to resort to chemicals? Try our natural recipes to lighten hair!

To switch to platinum blonde, there is artificial discoloration. Avoid however keeping hair healthy! For those who want to lighten their hair naturally, here are the best natural ingredients.

4 natural recipes to lighten your hair

First of all, we do not dream, a dark brunette will not be able to switch to platinum blonde without going through the discoloration box.

If you have colored hair it will also be more delicate to lighten the hair. But to go from chestnut to blond on natural hair or from auburn to golden, here are some tips.

The best way: sun and salt!

How to lighten hair naturally? | natural recipes to lighten hair
Photo by Helena Ije from Pexels

The best recipe for thinning hair,100% natural, is to spend time in the sun, at the beach. The combination of UV and salt water is unstoppable for blonding. Surfers’ hair is the best illustration of this!

Be careful, however, because salt water tends to damage the hair. When you return from the beach, feed them with coconut oil to have beautiful hair.

Don’t have the chance to go to the beach this summer? Spray salt water on your hair and get in the sun… Beach effect guaranteed!

Chamomile to lighten hair

It is the flagship ingredient of shampoos for blond hair. Chamomile is well known for its naturally lightening virtues, without damaging the hair.

Preferably use Flowers of German chamomile or Matricaria. They can be picked fresh from the gardens, bought dried, or directly in an infusion bag.

Make a well-concentrated chamomile infusion – infuse several bags of chamomile, or a handful of flowers – in boiling water. Use this rinse water infusion after your shampoo. You can also buy Roman chamomile hydrosol commercially.

Honey naturally lightens the hair

Honey also has natural lightening virtues. Dilute two tablespoons of honey in a little hot water (or chamomile infusion!) and leave it like a mask on your hair for about ten minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Lemon, natural lightening… use with caution

Lemon juice is also a natural lighting product for your hair. Citric acid is indeed a natural bleach. Be careful, however, because it has a photosensitizing effect: it can cause spots or redness on your skin. In addition, the acidity of lemon tends to dry out the hair.

Some recommend spraying lemon juice on the hair before exposing it to the sun. If this natural recipe is effective, it is nevertheless to be avoided under the penalty of ending up with spots on the skin, damaged hair, and/or a scratchy scalp.

We can therefore use lemon juice in a mask, associated with a fatty substance such as olive oil or coconut milk. It is left to sit for 15 minutes, or even overnight in a towel, and rinse thoroughly

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