Natural remedies for Glossodynia or burning tongue

.Glossodynia also called fire tongue syndrome, is a disease that results in tingling on the tongue. It is an annoying but minor psychosomatic disorder. What are the solutions to alleviate the disorders?

Glossodynia called in English ”  burning mouth syndrome”  (mouth burning syndrome ) is a chronic disease. It results in pain, without lesions, in the tongue. A disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat.

Symptoms and remedies for glossodynia

The glossodynia may be secondary, linked to external or internal causes (illness, allergy …), or primary: it is the latter called ”  syndrome of the burning tongue”  and whose salaries are difficult.

Burning tongue: do I have glossodynia?

The symptoms of a glossodynia are as follows: burning tongue, tingling, the feeling of dry mouth, taste disturbances… They generally grow during the day and stop at night. To find out if you have primary glossodynia, your doctor will prescribe a battery of tests: saliva tests, blood tests, and search for bacteria or fungal infections…

This is to check whether the symptoms described are due to illness or dysfunction, or if they are indicative of a disorder.
 A visit to a periodontist allows you to evacuate an oral problem. A readjustment of drug treatment, an anti-bacterial or anti-mycosis (candidiasis) treatment can make it possible to stop the symptoms.

If these persist, then primary glossodynia must be treated, which often involves psychological treatment (1). The treatment of glossodynia often involves the administration of anti-depressants to relieve the anxiety generated by this phantom pain, the source of which is unknown.

The people most often affected by glossodynia are women between 40 and 60 years old. It is sometimes an unwanted side effect of menopause. Anxiety and stress often promote or worsen symptoms.

Natural treatments to relieve glossodynia?

We can distinguish two kinds of ailments: physical pain proper: burns, tingling, and mental ailments which are often the cause of glossodynia.
To prevent symptoms of glossodynia, do not smoke, avoid spicy dishes, and do not use alcohol-based mouthwash.

To relieve burns on the tongue, you can use aloe vera with moisturizing properties (in juice treatment for example). Calendula, as a decoction or mother tincture, both soothe burns and reduce stress.

The Langue de Feu association (2) reports cases of glossodynia that may have been treated with homeopathy, kinesiology, or oligotherapy. In all cases, it is imperative to consult a specialist and avoid self-medication.

Certain glossopathies can also be treated by thermal cures, in particular, that of Saint-Christgau: according to the ALDF, ” it is the station officially recommended for affections of the buccolingual mucosa and glossodynia “.

Finally, it would seem that certain glossodynia could be treated with propolis: this natural substance has powerful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. In a cure of two to three weeks, she manages to overcome the burning tongue syndromes and soothe certain symptoms, such as canker sores.

It is also essential to treat the source of the harm, namely anxiety, and stress. For this, take care of your lifestyle, and sleep better and longer, especially by avoiding screens. You can also do regular physical activity or activities like yoga or meditation that help relieve stress. You can treat your stress with plants to use occasionally or as a cure.

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