5 Natural Tips To Prevent And Reduce Aging

Age spots appear especially in women, from 35-40 years old. They are mainly due to the effect of the sun on the skin. Here’s how to guard against it.

Over time, so-called “  age spots ” appear on the skin. These are generally located on the back of the hands, the face or the neckline and are often not appreciated by women. Here are some natural tips to preserve or reduce them.

What Is Age Spot

Age spots are small brown spots a few millimeters in diameter. Over time, they are more and more numerous and more and more visible. Benign and painless, these tasks are however often the subject of a strong complex in women, a sign of the passage of time.

They are formed under the action of hormonal disorders such as pregnancy for example, but especially in reaction to the rays of the sun. Concretely, under the action of ultraviolet rays, the cells of the epidermis produce cytokines which would stimulate the production of melanin. 

It is this melanin associated with the alteration of the skin by the sun’s rays and the reduction of antioxidants in the body that causes the discoloration of the skin and the appearance of brown spots.

Age spots: protecting yourself first

The best way to get rid of age spots is to not have them. For this, we focus on protection. If the small brown spots appear above all on the face, the neckline, and the hands, it is because these parts are very often exposed to UV rays from the sun.

Throughout life, the epidermis is subjected to these rays more or less frequently and aggressively and, with the decrease in antioxidants in the body with age, it ends up reacting and producing spots on the melanin base.

So be sure to always protect your face, your hands, and your neckline. Several-day creams can moisturize your skin but also offer a UV filter. When you go out or expose yourself, protect your skin with organic sunscreen.

Reduce age spots

If age spots are a problem for you, a few natural solutions can help make them less visible.

Lemon juice, lightening

Lemon juice is the best-known natural remedy against pigmentation spots, but also acne or stretch marks.

Containing a naturally brightening agent, lemon juice can fade your age spots. The results are not immediate or dramatic, but you may notice a reduction in pigmentation.

For this, rub your spots with a lemon cut in half every day before going to bed. You can also squeeze a lemon and soak a piece of cotton in the juice before applying it to your dark spots.

If lemon juice is too astringent for your skin, mix it with aloe vera gel, which has moisturizing and healing properties.

Cider vinegar and onion

Apple cider vinegar and onion are also often recommended when it comes to reducing age spots on the skin.

A home remedy is to soak slices of onion in apple cider vinegar before applying them to the stains. The result is progressive and depends on the regularity of the application.

birch bark

Birch bark is known for its depigmenting action. It can therefore be used to reduce age spots.

In 500 ml of water, boil 20 g of powdered white birch bark for 10 minutes. Use the mixture obtained on a cotton pad to apply morning and evening on the tasks.

Parsley juice or poultice

Parsley can also be used to fade age spots. In a juicer, collect parsley juice. Apply the liquid to your body.

You can also apply parsley as a poultice for prolonged action.

Image credit: Photo by Polina Kovaleva from pexels.com

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