Neem Oil for Hair: Benefits and Uses

Neem oil is not the first vegetable oil that comes to mind for the health of our hair. And yet, this oil is full of hair benefits!

Indeed, previously used mainly in alternative medicine, it is also a miracle product for skin and hair care. Neem oil helps restore shiny, deeply nourished hair.

But these advantages do not stop there!

It heals irritated scalps, fights dandruff, and promotes regrowth. Result? Hair that is stronger, thicker, and full of vitality!

Without further ado, we reveal all the secrets of neem oil and how to use it!

Neem oil: what is it?

In India, the neem tree or neem is a sacred tree whose fruits make it possible to obtain a vegetable oil recognized for its virtues.

Neem oil, whose smell resembles that of garlic, is obtained by the first cold pressing of the almonds extracted from the fruit of the neem tree.

Used in particular in alternative medicine, neem oil can treat skin problems such as acne or eczema. But it is also an effective natural insecticide.

But what interests us here are the benefits of neem oil for hair!

Indeed, rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamin E, it has moisturizing and softening properties to treat scalp irritations.

It is also used as a natural treatment for head lice. 

So, let’s see immediately in detail why neem oil can become a beauty ally!

What are the benefits of neem oil for hair?

Sanitizing, moisturizing, and stimulating, neem oil is full of benefits for our hair.

In regular application, you will find radiant hair of health, shiny and silky.

1. Neem oil cleanses the scalp

The first benefit of neem oil is to heal our scalp!

Indeed, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help treat scalp irritations and soothe itching. Effective natural anti-dandruff restores a healthy scalp.

In addition, it helps stimulate blood circulation. Result? Your scalp is oxygenated thus promoting better hair growth.

2. Neem oil promotes hair growth

A healthy scalp, therefore, promotes hair growth and limits hair loss. And, neem oil combines its two virtues!

Indeed, by stimulating the circulation of the scalp and getting rid of dead cells caused by irritation, the hair follicles are stronger and our hair thicker!

This is why using neem oil to treat scalp problems allows you to regain radiant hair, full of vitality!

3. Neem oil moisturizes hair

Rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamin E, neem oil has a strong moisturizing and softening power. It will therefore allow to deeply nourish and hydrate the dry and damaged scalp. 

Thus, regular application of neem oil will give your hair a boost. Exit dull and dry hair, and make way for softness and shine!

4. Neem oil is effective against lice

Neem oil is a formidable natural treatment against lice and nits!

Indeed, thanks to its antibacterial, and antiseptic properties and being a natural insecticide, neem oil is effective in getting rid of parasites.

Applied as a mask to the hair for a few minutes before rinsing, neem oil may well become parents’ ally in settling the fate of lice!

Neem oil and hair: dangers?

Neem oil is for external use only.

Indeed, it is possible that it is an endocrine disruptor. So, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or want a child, you should not use it!

In addition, its use is not recommended for children under 3 years of age and in the event of autoimmune disease. Also, do not hesitate to seek advice from health professionals.

Like all oils, it is advisable to do a test 24 hours before by applying a few drops to your arm to check that you are not allergic.

How to use neem oil on hair?

Now, let’s see together how to integrate neem oil into your hair routine!

Put neem oil in your shampoo 

You can use neem oil during your regular treatment shampoos. 

To do this, you just need to add between 1 and 5 ml of neem oil in 100 ml of mild natural shampoo.

The amount depends on the length of your hair and the intended use.

For example, for a deep scalp treatment such as dandruff, you need a shampoo that is more concentrated in neem oil. 

Be careful, the mixture does not keep: you must redo it with each shampoo!

Also, be sure to use only a small amount of neem oil if you are a fan of daily shampoo: washing your hair every day is not the best idea…

Hair care with neem oil

You can use neem oil by applying it directly to the hair. Indeed, it will thus act in depth. Your hair will be nourished, shiny, and easy to comb.

To perform this treatment, follow these steps:

  • Apply the oil to damp hair from roots to ends;
  • Perform a light massage to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp;
  • Wrap the hair in a warm towel so that the oil penetrates deeply;
  • Leave on for 20 minutes before proceeding with your usual shampoo. 

Neem oil has a rather strong smell, which can be disturbing.

So, don’t hesitate to use it in synergy with other vegetable oils (coconut, jojoba, olive, etc.) or essential oils (like lavender or sandalwood) to camouflage the smell!

Anti-lice mask with neem oil

Discover an effective and natural recipe to fight against lice!

For this you need the following ingredients:

  • 10ml neem oil;
  • 90ml coconut oil;
  • 5 ml of lavender essential oil.

Mix everything before applying the treatment to the hair. Wrap the hair in a towel. Leave on for 30 minutes or overnight.

Then, detangle your hair with a fine comb before rinsing it with a mild, natural shampoo.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary until the total disappearance of lice and nits.

Where to buy neem oil?

You can easily find neem oil on online sites such as Aroma-Zone or on Amazon, but also in stores offering natural products, in para pharmacies, and even in certain supermarkets.

In addition, you must choose organic neem oil, 100% pure and cold pressed in order to benefit from all its benefits.

Neem oil costs on average $10 for 250ml.

Note that neem oil should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Like coconut oil, it can solidify. To warm it up, you can run a little hot water to restore the liquid aspect.

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