Permanent make-up: definition, precautions, pain, price

Waking up every morning without having to wear makeup and limiting the time spent in front of the mirror? A dream for many women. With permanent makeup, it seems to come true. But what is permanent makeup? What precautions should I take? What are the differences with semi-permanent makeup?

Permanent make-up: definition

Who has never dreamed of being glamorous as soon as they wake up? Perfectly drawn eyebrows, doe eyes, and hemmed lips. To achieve this result, a technique: permanent make-up or, more precisely, derma pigmentation.


The so-called permanent makeup is actually derma pigmentation. Professionals who perform these aesthetic acts use micro-needles from which the pigments come out. These pigments penetrate only into the superficial layer of the epidermis. This is where derma pigmentation is different from tattooing, which is definitive.

However, the duration of derma pigmentation varies depending on the person and makeup. The lighter the pigmentation, whether on the lips or eyebrows, the less time the makeup will last. So it can range from 3 to more than 10 years.

What is the difference with semi-permanent makeup?

There is actually no difference between these two titles for a simple reason: makeup can never be permanent. It would then be nothing more and nothing less than a tattoo. The effect would be on the one hand much too dark and unnatural and, on the other hand, would prevent any return to time with time.

The term semi-permanent is therefore more accurate.

Reasons for wanting permanent makeup

According to age

Permanent makeup has several purposes. For young women, the goal is to save time in the morning and have confidence in their makeup without the need for touch-ups. In recent years, they have been particularly popular with eyebrow derma pigmentation.

In older women, semi-permanent makeup can be a solution to the loss of radiance in general. Dermopigmentation of the lips can thus make it possible to hem and enlarge them. They become more luscious if they have lost a little curve over the years. Correcting the eyebrow line is also effective in rejuvenating the face.

To obtain natural makeup

To achieve this result, specialized beauty salons are increasingly offering very natural permanent make-up. However, there is no question of no longer offering glamorous makeup. But the will of the client and the study of her style must be the main criteria to be taken into account.

To solve a complex

In addition, permanent makeup is not always simple coquetry. If you have too much wax on your eyebrows, or they are sparse, this is a good solution to overcome a possible complex.

With regard to eyebrows, in particular, permanent makeup is also a good way to resolve the aesthetic consequences of an illness. After chemotherapy or alopecia areata that leads to eyebrow loss, permanent makeup can be an interesting solution. And this, of course, provided you turn to the right professionals.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

Some memories of permanent makeup evoke results that are either too sophisticated or, conversely, not very chic. Today the trend is towards a makeup that sublimates naturally and does not disguise. Better yet, it is in parallel with the beauty trends of recent years. With, in focus, a part of the face that has all its importance for the morphological balance: the eyebrows.

Very fashionable, eyebrow makeup can bring intensity to the look. The shape of the eyebrows has, in any case, a big role to play. Whether it is to fill sparse areas, darken eyebrows that are too light, or create absent eyebrows, derma pigmentation is very interesting.

There are now two main methods:

  • The filling consists of creating a shadow over the entire eyebrow line. This is the same principle as classic makeup with a pencil.
  • hair by hair, more realistic and more natural.

Precautions and regulations

Although different from the classic tattoo, truly permanent, derma pigmentation is subject to the same legislation. Whether in terms of professional activity or hygiene.

Thus, anyone can open and declare a company practicing permanent make-up, provided they have a certificate. However, the aesthetic professions are calling for stricter regulation and compulsory CAP.

So be sure to go to an institute or aesthetic clinic that practices permanent makeup with professionalism. Ensure their reputation, hygiene conditions, and the quality of the pigments used. A pigment that ages poorly can lead to a strange color over the years.

Finally, derma pigmentation is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as people suffering from skin disease, diabetes, or immunodeficiency.

Pain and healing of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup causes more discomfort and tingling than pain. It all depends of course on the person but it is, in any case, less painful than a tattoo.

Any derma pigmentation, on the eyebrows, eyes, and lips, also leads to a healing period of one week. Care will be provided to you so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Crusts will appear, but do not touch them. This time is in any case necessary to fix the color.

The price of permanent make-up

As this is a profession with free rates, prices can vary from single to triple. It all depends on the reputation of the practitioners, the quality of the service, and the address of the institute.

For a part of the face such as the eyebrows, count for example from 200 to 600$.

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