Rinse water for hair: 5 homemade recipes

Rinse water, we don’t always think about it and yet it’s a good idea for a quick treatment to boost the beauty of the hair!

Whatever recipe you choose to make, it’s simple because you just need to add one or two ingredient(s) that you already have to tap water (no need for demineralized water). often at home.

Do not panic, the smell is sometimes not very pleasant but disappears as soon as the hair is dry, you can also add a drop or two of essential oil, such as, for example, ylang-ylang or hibiscus to flavor its hydrosol.

Focus on five natural recipes to make in just two minutes!

Rinse water for hair: what is it?

Rinse water is water prepared to measure to give your hair, after having washed it, final care.

Rinse water is applied as a last resort. That is to say that the shampoo and/or the conditioner are rinsed off beforehand with clear water; then, once the hair is rid of all the products, you can pour the rinsing water.

Small additional information: we do not rinse the rinsing water!

Admittedly, you can buy rinsing vinegar on the market, but it’s so easy and more economical to make your own rinsing water…

We keep in mind that when preparing your rinsing water, it is absolutely necessary to use cold water because it helps to tighten the scales of the hair and, therefore, makes it shine.

As with any homemade preparation, we prefer organic ingredients if possible, always more qualitative! Finally, your rinsing water does not contain preservatives so we prepare small quantities at a time to avoid spoiling.

Before using it, we think of shaking its rinsing water so that the ingredients mix well and that they do not remain at the bottom of the bottle.

Concerning the application, we tilt our heads, forwards or backward, but we must make sure that we pour the rinsing water well on the whole of the hair, from the roots to the tips.

5 rinse water recipes to discover

1. Rice water rinse for dry and/or rebellious hair

Rice water is a secret known by Asian women for millennia. It is credited with reducing frizz, making hair smooth and shiny, and is even said to help maintain hair color and even delay the appearance of white hair…

Its proportion of vitamin E and B, as well as minerals, is interesting but it is above all the starch content that sets it apart!

You can prepare your rice water in two ways:

  • either you rinse ½ glass of rice then pour it into a container with 3 glasses of water, leave it to soak for about twenty minutes then filter through a sieve and collect the water;
  • either you can also use the rice cooking water that you also filter and then let cool before applying it.

In the latter case, provide more water than usual for cooking the rice (a significant amount being absorbed by the rice).

2. Apple cider vinegar rinse water to boost shine and fight limescale

Apple cider vinegar is one of the star ingredients when it comes to hair cosmetics in DIY mode. If this vinegar is famous it is because it is soft, not very acidic, and contains little alcohol.

Concretely, it has no equal for smoothing and closing the cuticles but also boosting hair growth. In addition, its astringent properties allow it to eliminate tartar, so it is an excellent option in the anti-limestone rinse water. In short, if you want shiny hair, this is the one to choose!

It is not abused either, especially on dry hair that it could, in the long run, dry out more. 

Nothing could be easier to prepare; just mix 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water and stir everything together.

3. Chamomile rinse water to lighten hair

Chamomile is grandmother’s proven recipe when you want to bring a little light to your hair and get pretty highlights. Brown, blond, and even white hair can hope to gain a sunny effect thanks to it!

Remember to prepare your lightning rinse water in advance because it will have to be left to cool.

We start by boiling a liter of water then we throw in two handfuls of chamomile flowers (or three sachets of chamomile infusion), we leave to infuse for five minutes, then we filter (if we used the flowers) and then the preparation must cool. Once cold, add two tablespoons of lemon juice!

4. Thyme and Rosemary Rinse Water for Oily Hair

Thanks to their cleansing properties, thyme and rosemary form a very effective duo to regulate sebum production and gently purify the scalp without irritating it. This last rinsing of water should make it possible to space out the shampoos.

Here too, it is necessary to plan its preparation in advance so that it can cool.

Bring a liter of water to a boil then add a bunch of thyme and another of rosemary. Infuse for a few minutes then filter and wait until the liquid is at room temperature.

5. Oatmeal rinse to detangle and add volume

Oats are an excellent food for health but we know less that it is also very interesting in hair care. Indeed, its formula sheaths the hair which leads to two benefits: to bring volume to fine hair and to facilitate disentangling and styling, particularly for curly hair and frizzy hair.

All you have to do is boil a liter of water and 4 tablespoons of oat flakes, leave to macerate for about twenty minutes, then filter this oat milk and finally let it cool.

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