Scalp massage: why and how to do it?

Do you know scalp massage? It often happens that hairdressers massage your scalp during the shampoo, and it’s not for nothing!

Scalp massage provides many benefits, which we will detail for you in this article. For example, it is excellent for relaxing, for having a healthy scalp and hair, or for growing your hair faster.

You will also learn about the dangers of a poorly performed scalp massage and how to avoid it.

We will show you what to massage your scalp with and how to perform a self-massage in 4 steps very easily at home. We will also explain to you how often to perform a scalp massage for optimal results.

Finally, we will tell you the price of a scalp massage from a professional.

Why get a scalp massage?

1. Well-being and relaxation

Often, we enjoy a scalp massage to relax.

Indeed, this one acts on the nervous system, it oxygenates the vascular system, which makes it possible to eliminate the accumulation of tensions.

There are various sensitive points in the skull to focus on when massaging to relax. For example, the top of the head provides a lot of relaxation. The sides (behind the ears) and forehead are great for releasing stress.

2. Improved hair health and appearance

In addition to soothing you, a regular scalp massage is ideal for having more beautiful hair.

Stimulating microcirculation, it will allow the hair to become stronger, and more resistant, but also more supple, shiny, and silky.

For an even more effective scalp massage that meets your specific needs, combine it with vegetable and/or essential oils.

3. Accelerates hair growth

Scalp massage is also essential if you want your hair to grow faster, and more beautiful, of course!

It will also be very effective in combating hair loss during seasonal changes or during periods of high stress, for example.

Perform a daily scalp massage with castor oil, it will stimulate and promote the growth of your hair.

Quickly implement a new regular scalp massage routine!

In addition to making your hair grow faster, it will allow you to relax daily while improving the health of your hair.

So you will be able to enjoy the results after only a few weeks!

Scalp massage: dangers?

Beware of inexperienced people, especially when you have a rather oily hair type.

A too-vigorous massage can give an unpleasant feeling of the stripped scalp with no well-being or relaxation.

Also, note that massaging the scalp too roughly can stimulate sebum production and make your roots and hair greasy.

In the long term, if this type of massage is performed often, it risks creating an imbalance in seborrheic production and subsequently causing hair loss…

What to massage the scalp with?

Most scalp massages can be done simply with the hands, with or without oil. But there are also many accessories that make life easier!

You will find in specialized stores or online, many manual or electric (and vibrating) head massagers as well as massage brushes.

How to self-massage the scalp?

It is possible to perform your own scalp massage, this is called a self-massage. There are many techniques, achievable with or without an accessory.

Here, we present you a simple, fast method, to realize at home without accessories!

To perform this self-massage, follow the 4 following steps:

  • Apply the carrier oil of your choice to your scalp if desired. Then make small rotating movements with your fingers, going from the neck to the forehead. Thanks to these first gestures, you will stimulate the cutaneous microcirculation of your scalp. Do this for 2 minutes;
  • Once the microstimulation is activated, you will focus on different points of your skull. Place your hands flat on the top of your skull, press lightly, and perform circular movements. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes before moving on to the next step;
  • Next, focus on the midline of your skull. To do this, put a hand on your forehead. The other hand will apply light pressure from the neck to the top of the skull. Perform this step for 2 to 3 minutes as well;
  • Finally, relax completely. To do this, place the palms of your hands on the back of your head with the fingers facing up. Inhale more deeply than when you exhale, apply pressure with your hands on your skull, and do this, for 2 minutes.

How often do you perform a scalp massage?

The frequency of performing a scalp massage varies depending on the nature of your hair.

If you have dry hair, we advise you to massage your scalp every day. On the other hand, if you have oily hair, it should be less frequent; therefore favor a massage of the scalp about twice a week before your shampoo.

Finally, if you have normal hair, three times a week is a good frequency!

Note that 2 to 3 minutes of scalp massage are already enough to enjoy all its benefits.

In-salon scalp massage: how much does it cost?

The price of a scalp massage in a hair salon or institute varies between around $10 and $70.

The different criteria for the tariff are:

  • the standing of the establishment;
  • the location of the institute or hairdressing salon;
  • the duration of the massage (between 15 minutes and 1 hour).

Image Credit: Image by valuavitaly on Freepik

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