Not to wash your hair for a month? Not very glamorous said like that, but the sebum cure promises many benefits: less oily hair, softer, supple, and that grows faster. Our advice before you start.

Sebum treatment: stopping the vicious cycle of oily hair

Hair loss is not the only inconvenience related to our hair. Many of you know this situation: despite the washes, your hair is oily. And more and more quickly between each shampoo. However, this should not be the case since you take care to wash them regularly.

The error is there: the more we wash, the more the hair becomes greasy. Even more so when using traditional shampoos because they literally attack the scalp. In order to protect itself, its natural reaction is to secrete sebum, quite simply.

Stopping washing your hair will allow your scalp to remain soothed and therefore regulate its sebum production. This requires going through radical measures. Not wait two or three days before shampooing again, but rather a full month. Or at least as long as possible.
You can then space your washes for several days, or even reduce them to only once a week or every ten days.

Sebum treatment, instructions for use

Before you start weaning the shampoo, start by washing your hair. Be careful not to apply leave-in products once your hair is clean. They must be left in the natural to start the “treatment” well.

No more washing your hair does not mean stopping to maintain it. Concretely, during the sebum treatment, your daily hair routine will consist exclusively of brushing them. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, in order to distribute the sebum all over your hair and get rid of the dust and other residues (dead skin for example) that mix with it daily.

Apply yourself to brush your hair in all directions: according to its natural fold, back, and even upside down.

What if my hair is dry?
The sebum treatment is recommended regardless of the nature of your hair. If you have dry hair and/or frizzy hair, we even advise you to continue to hydrate them, especially on the tips. A mixture of aloe vera and vegetable oil can be used.

Once the month is over, make way for shampoo. Choose a very soft one, otherwise, you risk attacking your scalp again and falling back into the previous shortcomings.

You can also take the opportunity to jump into the “ no-shampoo ” step by banishing toxic products in favor of the most natural products possible for your hair care.

The benefits of the sebum cure

The number 1 advantage is obviously hair that will grease more slowly over time. But not only that: during the treatment, the sebum will nourish your hair. These will come out softer, supple, and shiny. And for the effect to last, we repeat: exclude overly aggressive products from your hair routine!

Finally, some people also note that their hair breaks less and grows faster after the cure.

Little tips for a successful cure

For brushing during the sebum treatment, preferably choose a boar bristle brush. It is reputed to distribute sebum well from roots to ends. For vegan people, the sisal fiber brush is the best alternative.

To hide the oily hair effect, just hide it! Headbands, scarves, hats, caps, and other headwear will be your best allies. A pretty hairstyle – bun or braid for example – will also hide the shiny appearance. In general, taking care of your look (clothing and makeup) will draw attention to you more than your hair.

The last thing, even more, valid than the rest of the time: is to change your pillowcase regularly.

Note: the sebum cure is not recommended for people suffering from scalp problems. It can cause itching and therefore worsen certain pathologies.

And rest assured: if you do not hold on for the long term, it does not matter! The few days of rest given to your hair will, in any case, be beneficial. An alternative is to wet the hair without shampooing it, but in this case, take care not to have too hard water.

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