6 tips for taking care of your hair while traveling

There is no question of putting your beauty routine aside when you go on a trip!

The beauty of the hair is maintained every day, especially when you go on vacation: the change in climate can weaken your hair, and we generally spend much less time getting ready morning and evening…

Rest assured, it’s easy to have fun and enjoy your trip while continuing to take care of your hair!

You just have to bring the right products, in the right toiletry bag, and build the right hair routine! Read this article to find out how to take care of your hair when traveling.

1. Choose a suitable toiletry bag

A trip means that you have to prepare the things to take with you, including your beauty products.

For this, you need a suitable toiletry bag, large enough to contain your products, and well-designed so as not to find your spilled shampoo at the bottom of the bag.

The main criterion for choosing the right toiletry bag seems obvious: the number of products you need to take with you.

For a long trip, you’ll need a bag that’s large enough to fit all the toiletries, and that fits easily in your luggage.

For a weekend or a short trip, with a smaller suitcase, we generally prefer small product formats, which are more practical and less bulky.

This is why a more compact pencil case will be sufficient, with a few well-placed pockets to optimize space!

2. Think about devices and accessories

A hair dryer, a brush, and some pliers are always useful!

If personal accessories are essential, the hair dryer is not always: there is no point in bringing your own if you are sure to find one where you travel.

Otherwise, it is always better to bring your hairdressing devices, otherwise, you risk ending up with unruly hair.

Note that there are pocket versions, both for hair dryers and straighteners!

3. Adapt your hair routine

During a trip, it sometimes happens that you simply cannot carry out your entire hair routine: oil, shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum, styling spray…

The more products you have, the harder it will be to follow this routine on the go!

If you can’t bring all your products, then you must adapt your hair routine: take essential products with you such as shampoo, conditioner, and treatment.

In this way, you take care of your hair with a less complete, but still effective routine!

Another alternative is to replace certain products in one, for example, an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, or a leave-in that will replace the serum and the conditioner.

4. Protect your hair from the sun and water

Travel often rhymes with holidays in the sun and on the beach. In this case, you absolutely must protect your hair from damage caused by UV rays and chlorine or sea salt.

It is generally recommended to apply vegetable oil to the hair before bathing, in order to create a protective barrier.

It’s a great idea, but one that forces you to add an extra product to your beauty kit!

Little trick: take some conditioner in your hands, run your hands under water, and style your hair with your fingers. Thus, you effectively protect your hair before swimming.

5. Pack a single hair mask

To stay shiny and silky, your hair needs its weekly mask, even on vacation!

However, a pot of hair mask is rather restrictive to bring, especially if you use it only once or twice during your stay.

Rather than forgoing your weekly hair care, opt for travel sizes and masks sold individually.

There are some for the hair, but also for the face, the hands, or the feet. They are generally sold in sachets, and slip very easily into your toiletries!

6. Adjust your favorite hairstyles

Last advice, this time concerning the way you style your hair: depending on the type of trip, the daily activities, or the climate, think about adapting your hairstyles in such a way as to protect your hair and avoid “mistreating” it.

For example, it’s best to tie up your hair for windy activities or minimize straightener use if your hair is exposed to the sun for a long time.

In your toiletry bag, provide some useful accessories such as flexible rubber bands, clips, and headbands.

In general, the hair routine is less complete when traveling than at home. But that does not mean that you take less care of your hair: you simply have to adapt your gestures and the products used, and, above all, prepare this new routine in advance!

Ready to fill your beauty bag?

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