How To Thicken The Hair Naturally | 3 Tips To Thicken Hair Naturally

Thin, flat, unmanageable hair? Here are some tips and simple recipes based on natural ingredients, to thicken hair and restore volume and style to your hairstyle.

Many of us dream of thick hair full of volume, like this faithful reader who asked us: “I’m looking for a trick to thicken fine hair.” Mine is really very thin and desperately flat”. To answer him, here are some tips for thickening hair naturally.

Thicken fine hair with natural products

After the care of frizzy hair, another problem can arise with very fine hair.

Examine the composition of shampoos and conditioners

Responsible for many ills, colors, and treatments with toxic chemicals that weaken the hair, especially if it tends to be thin. We, therefore, pay particular attention to the shampoo we use every day.

In particular, those containing sulfates, which clean the hair aggressively, are eliminated. Certainly, they eliminate the oil, but a little too much for the taste of your hair, which is damaged and split ends. We always favor natural cleaning agents or even oils.

In the same way, we scrutinize the composition of the conditioner and replace it with a natural treatment: aloe vera, argan oil, or even just cider vinegar, depending on the needs of your hair.

Adopt a routine that combines care and gentleness

The oils naturally present in the hair help it to be healthy, so it is important to understand that it is not necessary to wash it every day. We will therefore space out the shampoos: three per week are sufficient.

The use of less aggressive shampoos should limit the greasy effect but if it appears, for example on the roots, you can use dry shampoo, especially at the beginning. In troubleshooting, baking soda also works wonders.

In general, we will also avoid attacking them on a daily basis: use a soft towel to sponge the hair and use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush on wet hair.

Of course, we avoid repeated brushings and heat (curling iron, straightener), as well as aggressive chemical treatments such as perms. It is also thought to protect the hair from the sun, chlorine, and even pollution.

Maintaining your hair naturally: food, henna, and vegetable oils

On the maintenance side, the tips are cut regularly, and to give volume to your hairstyle (artificially, because the thickness of the hair itself does not change), you can opt for a degraded cut.

varied diet can also help, especially if it is rich in protein, omega-3s, and vitamins. You can take brewer’s yeast, prenatal vitamins, or spirulina in addition.

If you choose to color your hair, opt for a natural color (henna type, real, not imitations)

Without coloring, neutral henna ( cassia obovata ) has the same properties as its coloring cousin, without the coloring effect! It is used with hot water and its application is quite easy. Neutral henna will sheathe, strengthen the hair and give it volume and shine.

And to fortify fine hair?

You can also use vegetable oils, and make a mask with castor oil or organic avocado oil.

At the beginning of the treatment, leave it on for a really long time, for example, an entire night or at least two to three hours. This gesture is to be performed once a week for the first month, then twice a month for three months, and can then be spaced out.

Opt for braids and create an illusion

Fine hair will look thicker if it’s braided. Warning: do not overtighten so as not to break them and give the impression of volumeFine hair will look thicker if it’s braided. Warning: do not overtighten so as not to break them and give the impression of volume

To make fine hair appear thicker, avoid hairstyles flattened on the skull (buns, pulled ponytails, etc.) and opt for braids. But without tightening them too much to give an impression of volume and not to break the fiber.

Image Credit Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

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