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According to an American study, conducted over thirty years, the biggest consumers of sugary drinks (more than two cans a day) see the risk of dying prematurely increase by 21% compared to people who do not drink it at all.

A new American study of 120,000 Americans over 30 years has shown that drinking sodas every day increases the risk of dying prematurely, especially from cardiovascular disease.

Sodas and other sugary drinks promote the onset of cardiovascular disease

It’s proven, that drinking soda regularly is very unhealthy. Today, some regular drinkers indeed suffer from Nash disease also called soda disease, which causes an accumulation of fat in the liver and whose damage is irreversible: a transplant is often essential.

And according to a long-term study of 120,000 Americans for 30 years, published on March 18 in the American journal  Circulation,  sodas and other very sugary drinks also promote the onset of cardiovascular disease, particularly heart attacks and strokes.

In fact, scientists have shown that the biggest consumers of sugary soft drinks (more than two cans a day) have a 21% increased risk of dying prematurely compared to people who do not drink them at all.

If the link between sugar and cardiovascular disease was already established, this research allows us to conclude that the risk of dying prematurely increases the consumption of sodas, fruit juices containing added sugars or iced teas is important.

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And the figures are edifying: +1% for less than one soda per week, +6% for less than one soda per day, +14% for one or two sodas per day, and therefore +21% for more than 2 sodas per day.

The Danger Of Drinking Soda Every Day
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What relationship between sodas and arteries?

Why are sodas so harmful? The sugar, present in too large a quantity, is obviously pointed out.
Too much blood glucose makes the arteries much more fragile, making them more sensitive and allowing cholesterol to build up. In the end, they can even become blocked and therefore lead to a heart attack or stroke.

As one of the authors of the Cyril Reboul study specifies: ”  Normally, the cells that line our arteries produce nitrogen monoxide, which is a vasodilator, that is to say, it widens the blood vessels. But the rapid rise in blood sugar caused by a sugary drink causes a decrease in the production of nitric oxide and therefore a decrease in the ability of blood vessels to dilate.

” A phenomenon that is likely to become chronic if regular consumption of sodas and other sugary drinks, which will damage the general condition of the arteries and increase the risk of developing, ultimately, cardiovascular disease.

In addition, too high blood sugar is also the cause of weight gain, hypertension, or type 2 diabetes, all also responsible for cardiovascular disease.

Watch out for light drinks!

However, drinking light sodas is not the solution. As a reminder, American researchers have shown that excessive consumption of light sodas would increase the risk of stroke in women after menopause.

To carry out their work, they followed more than 81,000 postmenopausal women, aged 50 to 79, for almost 12 years. In the end, heavy consumers of light had 23% more risk of having a stroke than non-consumers or occasional consumers.
The National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) recommends not to drink more than one sugary drink per day: it’s already too much if we refer to all recent studies!

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