How to make homemade makeup remover gel

Start with this easy recipe for a mild makeup remover, made with vegetable oil and aloe vera. 

Here is a tip for making a gentle makeup remover with aloe vera: an effective and quick recipe to implement, and above all 100% natural!

How to make your own moisturizing makeup remover

This recipe can be used on any type of skin, depending on the oil you choose.

Make-up remover and moisturizer, express recipe

You need a nut of vegetable oil to choose according to your skin type, according your habits in terms of home cosmetics. Choose a good quality oil, preferably organic. Some indications:

• Hazelnut oil for oily skin;

•  Hemp oil for combination skin;

• Black seed oil for problem skin;

•  Rather an argan oil for dry skin;

• And avocado oil for very dry skin;

•  Sweet almond oil for delicate/damaged/irritated skin;

•  Think of Calophyllum oil for blotchy skin;

• Borage oil for mature skin.

• A nut gel aloe (Aloe vera) 

The aloe vera has many virtues. It is good to use for removing makeup because it has a moisturizing and anti-aging effect.

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How to use your makeup remover

Mix the two in the palm of your hand and apply to the face. Remove the excess with a cotton pad then rinse thoroughly as usual. This gel can also be used as a moisturizing base if your day cream is out of stock.

Precautions for use

Note: as with any homemade and natural cosmetics, or any other product, allergies are always possible. Although it is rare, aloe allergy does exist. Perform a gel reactivity test on the skin of your arm.

Image Credit : Image by mozo190 from Pixabay

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