Narcissistic pervert: 10 signs that should alert you
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We talk about it more and more and that’s good. However, we often tend to qualify as narcissistic perverts the intrusive boss, the slightly tyrant friend, and the authoritarian father. So here are ten points to spot a real manipulator without making a mistake.

1. The narcissistic pervert is an outstanding seducer

He knows how to seduce you, tell you what you like and what you want to hear. In a romantic relationship, he is the ideal man, the caring prince charming, and fulfills you… until the mask falls and he turns out to be obnoxious. 

2. The double face

The narcissistic pervert chooses a target, seduces her, and then makes her life hellish. But from the outside nothing appears because he remains adorable with the others. People find it hard to believe the testimony of the victim who is often considered crazy, depressed, or even paranoid.

3. The use of violence 

It is part of the techniques of intimidation and humiliation of the narcissistic pervert toward his victim. Critics are permanent in public (always with finesse) or in private. From verbal violence to permanent psychological violence, the manipulator sometimes crosses the barrier of physical violence when he feels that his victim is about to reveal the truth.

4. Isolate and divide to conquer

To be perfectly sure that the victim continually needs him, the narcissistic pervert gradually cuts all the ties that unite the victim with his loved ones. Her own family sometimes even turned against her. The isolation is total.

5. The immense attraction for money

Narcissistic perverts are often thought of as money maniacs. Rightly, because beyond the possession and humiliation of the victim, he largely grants himself the income of his victim in order to control him more.

6. Beware of “honeymoon” phases

This is the term used to show that the narcissistic pervert regularly puts on his seductive mask to make the victim fall back into his nets. No, it does not change. No, he’s not really asking for forgiveness. It is still a tool of manipulation to obtain something or lull the victim’s mistrust.

7. The narcissistic pervert lacks empathy

The character trait or rather this perversion of the personality is typical. He feels neither hot nor cold seeing his victim suffer and destroy himself because he does not love him. On the contrary, he even feels a certain pleasure in seeing her in distress.

8. Daily lying

It’s pathological in narcissistic perverts. They lie constantly to show off, to be flattered, admired, and loved by those around them. Because that is what they seek above all. They sometimes even take credit for the qualities and successes of their victim, so great is the thirst for recognition. 

9. Sexual deviations 

They add a new shadow to the picture of these personalities. In a couple, the pervert has increasingly demanding sexual demands (sometimes violent) and often opts for sadomasochism. As he often suffered from it when he was young and he is devoid of empathy, he is capable of having incestuous relations with his children or pedophiles with others. 

10. Intelligent, he is often paranoid

And he is suspicious of his victim. Thus, if she wants to flee, she will need a lot of foresight, discretion, and trust in no one to help her because the narcissistic pervert will undoubtedly have “spies” among his friends and those around him. And will be ready to do anything to punish her for this departure…

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