The 10 benefits of rose water on a daily basis
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Rose water has been used since antiquity for its regenerating and antibacterial properties. The era being back to nature, it is coming back in force and it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it.

Rose water is a miracle product that could upset your daily life. Its virtues are multiple and will allow you to get rid of many products composed of chemical agents that are dangerous for the skin. We tell you everything.

1. Rose water deeply cleanses the skin

Rose water is a natural antibacterial. Resulting from a process of distillation of rose petals, this water will allow you to keep your skin clean all day long. Put some on a cotton ball like micellar water and cleanse your face morning and evening. You will not be disappointed. People with oily skin will also be surprised to discover that this water tightens pores effectively.

2. Rose water is hydrating

Applying it to your face morning and evening will also keep your skin well-hydrated. Rose water has many virtues, including those of smoothing and revitalizing the skin. 

It will also bring a radiant complexion to your face which will appear younger. Mixed with a little argan or sweet almond oil, this water will become a perfect make-up remover.

3. Rose water effectively fights wrinkles

By applying rose water to your face every day, you will effectively fight the appearance of wrinkles. Rich in antioxidants, it will help delay skin aging while concealing fine lines and wrinkles. Rose water can also be used to remove stretch marks.

4. Rose water has healing properties

The water can indeed heal scars or wounds. Very respectful of sensitive skin, rose water will also be recommended in case of acne to take care of the face. Its antibacterial and healing properties will also be effective against canker sores and skin ulcers.

5. Rose water is an excellent after-sun care

After spending a day in the sun, you have to take care of your skin. Rose water is then particularly recommended, insofar as it combats the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. 

Put the rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on all parts of the body that have been exposed to the sun. It will calm you down immediately.

6. Rose water can be used as a hair mask

If you have an irritated scalp, now is the time to turn to rose water. It will deeply treat inflammation and allow you to regain healthy hair. It will also prevent hair loss, by stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the hair follicles.

7. Rose water erases puffy eyes

If you wake up every morning with puffy eyes, rose water can work wonders. Soak cotton balls with rose water that you have kept cool. Put these cotton pads on your eyes and let them act. In a few minutes, your eyes will depuff and the dark circles, if you have any, will fade.

8. Rose water fights constipation

In the case of constipation, many solutions exist. If you have rose water on hand, put some in your dishes and your digestive problems will unblock. You can also drink it as tea by heating it and again, the results will be there.

9. Rose water relieves headaches

In the event of a slight migraine, soak a compress in rose water and apply it to your forehead. Let it act for a few moments and you will be relieved. If the migraine persists, turn to paracetamol or go to your doctor.

10. Rose water is an excellent relaxing product

The smell and sweetness of rose water make it an ideal product for anyone looking to relax. To really feel more relaxed, pour half a liter of rose water into your bath and rest. The effects will be immediate: you will feel more serene and you will have evacuated your superfluous tensions.

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