How To Treat Dry Skin On Face | Simple Recipes To Nourish Dry Skin

Despite all your care, the skin of your face remains desperately dry and tight. Try natural skin care and our few simple recipes to regain supple and hydrated skin.

Dry skin needs specific care that rehydrates it but also does not attack or irritate it. Here are some natural and quick recipes to nourish dry skin.

Dry skin: natural facial care

Even fragile, your skin needs from time to time a small scrub, but imperatively soft.

Calendula scrub

Marigold, or calendula, is a great friend for dry and fragile skin. With it, deep cleaning is guaranteed, without the slightest inflammatory risk:

  • Pour into a small bowl a tablespoon of your usual mild cleansing milk and a tablespoon of dried marigold flowers.
  • Mix well, spread this calendula milk on your face a little moist, let it act for 5 minutes, and massage gently with your fingertips, making small circles.
  • Rinse with warm water, and finish with the application of a lotion, and then a care cream.

How to treat dry skin on face | simple recipes to nourish dry skin
Photo by Min An from Pexels

Simple recipe: cleansing milk for dry skin

Sweetness always, but this time with the cucumber that turns here into refreshing and toning homemade cleansing milk.

Pass half of a cucumber to the centrifuge. Mix its juice with the same amount of milk. Clean your face morning and evening with this homemade makeup remover, then rinse with warm water or, better yet, with a lotion.

If your skin is sensitive, it needs a calming and soothing lotion:

  • Let infuse a pinch of linden blossoms, a pinch of rose flowers, and a pinch of Roman chamomile flowers in a large cup of boiling water.
  • Strain and let cool before lotioning your skin.
  • To enjoy it for a few days, keep your lotion in the refrigerator!

Toning oil and gentle masks

Gently removing makeup, and delicately lotion, it’s good. However, your skin also needs to be delighted… Offer him this toning oil:

  • Add two tablespoons of fresh basil leaves (organic) to 100 ml of sweet almond oil or, even better, jojoba.
  • Let it macerate for five days, strain, and apply to the face and neck whenever your skin seems to ask for it.

Fruit masks

And throughout the winter, offer your skin little extras in the form of a gourmet and nourishing moisturizing face mask. Organic fruit masks will delight your skin.

Our easy recipe: crush the pulp of a banana, add a teaspoon of liquid honey, mix thoroughly, then put this preparation on your face. Let it act for about twenty minutes and remove it with warm water.

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