Benefits Of Orange Juice: Is Orange Juice Good For You?

Benefits of Orange Juice: Star of our breakfasts, orange juice is considered a healthy drink. It all really depends on how it’s prepared.

Do you want to stock up on vitamin C: are you opening a carton of orange juice made from concentrate, or orange nectar? Lost! These products have actually lost many of the virtues that orange naturally possesses.

These juices are not very good for your health, because they are rich in sugars and low in fibers and vitamins. A glass of orange juice in brick has the same sugar content as a glass of soda (about 10 g of sugar per 100 ml)!
But should we banish orange juice from our daily lives? No, you just have to squeeze it yourself.

To prefer: squeezed orange juice

The orange is a fruit growing in our latitudes that contains more vitamin C, 60 mg per 100 g. Whole, it is also a good source of fiber.
Even if we now find them all year round on our shelves, it is preferable to consume oranges in winter, The orange is also one of the fruits richest in… pesticides: this is why it is preferable to consume it organically.

To get the most of its benefits, it is better to consume it whole. But a little squeezed orange juice is so refreshing!

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Benefits Of Orange Juice: Is Orange Juice Good For You?
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We, therefore, avoid orange nectars (with added sugar) and juice from concentrate (which have lost many of the virtues of the fruit). If you don’t have time to squeeze a juice in the morning, you opt for an orange juice ”  100% pure “, which concentrates more vitamins and fibers.

Only homemade squeezed juices and 100% pure orange juice correspond to a portion of the necessary 5 fruits and vegetables per day. In addition, it does not take long to drink squeezed orange juice since the level of vitamin C will drop very quickly in squeezed juice.

Is orange juice too acidic?

Some people don’t like orange juice because they find it too acidic for the stomach. It is true that those who suffer from heartburn can suffer from the natural acidity of oranges.

However, the pH of the stomach is much more acidic than that of an orange. If we eat globally balanced, we will have no problem-consuming orange juice.

However, it is important to consume it in moderation: its high content of sugars makes it a not so ” healthy ”  food. One to two glasses per day are largely sufficient to benefit from its contributions. If you love the taste, you can make flavored water by infusing orange slices in a carafe of water: much more thirst-quenching and better for your health.

To conclude, the best orange juice is homemade, with organic oranges, and drink without delay. Take advantage now: it’s the orange season!

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