Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Skin Clear | Homemade Tips For Clear Skin

There are some habits that damage our skin, Here are 10 common mistakes that can create skin problems.

10 habits of forgetting to stop having skin problems

1 – Over-Cleaning The Skin

Assaulted skin can also produce more sebum, specifically on the forehead-nose-chin T zone. It is necessary for particular:

Avoid products containing alcohol so as not to dry out the skin.

Forget to rub with a towel, because the fabric has an abrasive effect. To towel dry the face, just pat gently.

Avoid hot water, especially on sensitive skin, so as not to damage the lipid barrier. Lukewarm water is well indicated.

Finally, if you have oily skin, resist the temptation to strip the skin, which can also rid the skin of good bacteria that help keep it healthy. Instead, opt for a mild formula so as not to worsen sebum production.

2-Do did not Change Your Pillowcase

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Skin Clear
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Just as you thoroughly cleanse your face, so does the environment you place your skin on. Pillowcases in particular are nests for bacteria. Remember to change the sheets once a week or every two weeks.

3-Do did not Take Care Of Your Lifestyle

It is known that tobacco increases the aging of the skin, but this is not the only factor to take into account. Against skin problems, dermatologists also advise:

To drink a lot.

Have as regular hours as possible according to their working conditions.

Get enough sleep so that the skin has time to regenerate properly. Lack of sleep has a direct impact on the skin.

Avoid eating too much sugar to avoid stiffening of the skin linked to the phenomenon of glycation, which has an impact on collagen.

4-Forgetting To Remove Makeup Correctly In The Evening

To ask yourself how to have beautiful skin is one thing, but sometimes the question is the opposite. Rather, it is useful to ask yourself how to avoid any skin problem

If the wording may seem paradoxical, it nevertheless draws our attention to a crucial element. We sometimes have bad habits when it comes to hygiene and facial care in particular. Here is a roundup of ten very common skincare mistakes.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Skin Clear
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Do not irritate the skin unnecessarily

Avoid itching

Avoid blackheads  that may appear through blocked pores, so you don’t have to worry about how to remove pimples afterward

Prevent premature aging of the skin

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5- Not Using The Right Makeup Remover

Start by using a good makeup remover depending on your skin type. Micellar water is not a make-up remover since to be effective you need fat!

Preferably use a very fatty make-up remover, why not a homemade make-up remover, or even a cleansing oil?

6-Do did not Clean The Skin

Many people are content to remove makeup from the skin and confuse this gesture with cleaning. Make-up removal is indeed an important step in the evening beauty routine, but it is not enough.

If you use the right makeup remover, you will have already eliminated some of the dust and other impurities, but you must nevertheless use a suitable cleaning product or soap to remove everything.

You can then use a tonic and/or a lotion, then a serum if you wish. This routine is carried out morning and evening.

7-Exfoliate Your Skin Every Day

 Likewise, to avoid any skin problem, take it easy on the exfoliant! To preserve the skin’s microbiota, dermatologists recommend not exceeding one facial scrub or peel per week. Prefer soft products labeled slow cosmetics.

8-Touch Your Face All The Time And Touch Your Pimples

Our hands are nests for viruses and bacteria. In theory, before touching your face, you should make sure that they are clean. Several ideas:

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Skin Clear
Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

• While washing hands before applying a treatment and between each product.

• Regularly disinfect the dirtiest objects: thoroughly clean your door handles, computer keyboard, or mobile phone.

• Use a stimtoy , those small objects designed to occupy the hands, or an object in the environment to avoid putting the hands on the face – a pen can do the trick!

• Avoid touching your buttons! Dermatologists recommend using only tools intended for this purpose to remove blackheads, and not to pierce pimples, especially not with your fingers, to avoid spreading pus and the appearance of residual marks.

9-Forgetting To Hydrate The Skin Well

During the day, the skin naturally secretes more oils, but whatever your skin type, you should not neglect its hydration.

That is to say, contrary to what the word suggests, not the water, but the fat. Even on oily skin, we do not neglect the moisturizer and we do not hesitate to make a moisturizing face mask from time to time.

We also do not hesitate to use a more fatty moisturizer for the night: check its content in natural vegetable oils and active ingredients, or create a homemade formula.

10-Protect Yourself From The Sun In Summer.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes To Keep Your Skin Clear
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The action of UVA and UVB rays is well known, but we think about it more readily in summer or on vacation. However, the sun is also powerful in everyday life and even in the city. The sun remains the main cause of the aging of the skin.

Do not forget to protect it from the sun, for example with a moisturizer or a BB cream designed with a light protection factor, or sunscreen if the sun is stronger. Don’t forget the neck and upper torso or chest, where the skin is thin and fragile.

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