What fruits are high in iron | Iron-rich fruits

Fruits are much less rich in iron than other foods and contain a non-heme iron that is absorbed less. But they are a good source of vitamin C, antioxidants but also fiber, which makes them very interesting to eat every day, even to enrich your diet with iron!

Blackcurrant, iron red

Blackcurrant is distinguished above all by an exceptional level of vitamin C (200 mg / 100 g) and vitamin E, by its richness in fibers, is also reputed to contain iron.

Blackcurrant is also known to contain many minerals: a total of 600 mg per 100 g! Potassium first with 370 mg per 100 g, then calcium (60 mg / 100 g) just like magnesium (17 mg) and iron: 1.3 mg, one of the highest levels in fresh fruit.

There are also trace amounts of many trace elements, including the rarest, such as chromium, selenium, and cobalt.

100 mg blackcurrant = 1.3 mg iron

The only disadvantage of this bay is its short seasonality. To enjoy it all year round, blackcurrant jams are a very good idea! Otherwise, there is freezing.


Perfect for a snack or to add to salads, nuts are foods with high iron content. The pistachio is the queen of this category, followed by various types of nuts and hazelnuts.

Mixtures of nuts with dried fruits such as apricots, dates, grapes, or coconuts offer many minerals and a good ratio of iron.

iron-rich fruits

[mg iron / 100 g]
Roasted Pistachio7
Pine Nut4.6
Apricot dried4.3
Brazil Nuts3.1
Coconuts dried3.5
Coconut Milk3.3
Dried dates3
Avocado, ripe0.8
figs fresh0.7
Blueberries, Mirabelle 
Apricots, strawberries, persimmon0.4
cherries, kiwi0.3
Mandarins, peaches, grapes, bananas0.3
Pineapple, plums, rhubarb0.2
Apples, pears, melon0.1

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