8 natural remedies for cold fatigue

With these falling temperatures, no one is immune to getting a little cold. Runny nose and itchy throat, the signs do not deceive … Here are 8 practical and natural tips to fight against colds in winter and more specifically against the fatigue inherent in viruses.

How to combat the side effects of the common cold?

Natural solutions to combat temporary fatigue

Overwork, lack of sleep, and excess food fuel fatigue. The cold can lead him to a general state of diffuse tiredness which is advisable to overcome to find the full form!

Also fight overwork, a cause of temporary fatigue

Stress and various tensions sometimes generate a state of transient fatigue in very many people. It is notably active women who are more frequently subject to overwork, by dint of juggling between work, home, and children (the “mental load”). With a cold, it’s worse! Solutions exist to overcome this feeling of exhaustion.

St. John’s Wort

To combat nervous fatigue and low morale, possibly rely on the anti-depression virtues of St. John’s Wort. You can start a St. John’s Wort herbal tea cure over three to four weeks. To prepare your herbal tea, count one to two teaspoons of dried St. John’s wort flowers per 200 mL of water.

Before using St. John’s Wort, we advise you to talk about it with your doctor especially if you are under medical treatment. St. John’s wort is in fact not at all harmless and plays on the absorption of drugs.


Too much stress and anxiety lead to overwork and tires the body. A cure for organic Rhodiola will give you a boost by adapting to the specific needs of your body.

Light therapy

Against seasonal or chronic depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, or stress, the benefits of light therapy are no longer to be proven. Light treatment can help to better live depressive states and seasonal moods and combat transient fatigue caused by viruses.

Moments of relaxation

Allowing yourself moments of decompression is essential to combat transient fatigue linked to overwork. Treat yourself to a relaxing lavender bath. To do this, heat approximately 50 g of dried lavender flowers in 800 ml of water for half an hour over low heat. The filter then adds this preparation to your bathwater.

A bath with essential oils to treat a cold naturally

Alternate relaxing baths with essential oils if you can use them to clear the airways. Warning: remember to use a dispersant so as not to burn yourself with essential oils (available in natural cosmetics). Here is an effective example, of a good remedy for colds:

• 3 drops of black spruce  (or tea tree ) essential oil,
• but also 3 drops of rosemary essential oil,
• and 3 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.

Find regular sleep to fight against temporary fatigue due to colds

When you have a cold, it’s hard to sleep! You don’t even know by force how many hours of sleep you have to make up for. To avoid that fatigue setting in completely, have a few reflexes.

Sleep well to fight against temporary fatigue

To make it easier to fall asleep and sleep, put the odds in your favor. In the evening, avoid gargantuan meals, 1:30 or 2 hours approximately before bedtime, rather than prepare a light meal: forget the foods that weigh heavy on the stomach such as gratins rich in cream, roasts dripping with fat, or even fried dishes. You never sleep very well after a large meal: a feeling of heaviness, stomach ache…

On the other hand, exposure to light (especially blue light) and activity on screens before sleep delay or disrupt sleep (1). So, to put the odds on your side, turn off the screens for better quality sleep.
As a general rule, listen to your body, and go to bed when you feel the need, or you will have to wait about two hours before ending up in a phase conducive to falling asleep.

Natural remedies for sleep disorders

You can use all the classic natural remedies and especially herbs to sleep.
If you can’t sleep well or have trouble getting to sleep, before switching to sleeping pills, try herbal teas.

Chamomile tea

Get dried chamomile flowers and steep a tablespoon of dried flowers in boiling water for ten minutes. Drink the preparation one hour before bedtime.

Linden or Valerian herbal teas

You can also opt for linden tea (5 g of dried linden flowers for 200 mL of water) or more difficult to taste because of its pronounced taste, valerian tea (count 3 g of dried valerian roots for 200 mL of water)

Anyway, to avoid transient fatigue and sleep disturbances, the idea is to ventilate and perform physical activity. Going out will allow you to air your body and mind, as well as take the light, essential to our morale.

How to cure a cold naturally: dietary imbalances and temporary fatigue

“Detoxify” your body to get back in shape
The word “detox” is widely overused, but excess does not improve sleep. Excess salt, fat, or even alcohol weakens and tires the body, which can no longer eliminate them properly. He then works twice as hard to store them.

The cause: excess food but also additives (such as corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, sodium nitrate, and benzoate or even MSG) and other toxic products and pesticides found in food. Also, stress, or even pollution, in addition to affecting our well-being, overloads our organisms. So many good reasons to calm the liver and kidneys, and optimize the proper functioning of physiological systems, then opt for a healthy and varied diet.

Vitamin deficiency in minerals

Your tiredness may have worsened due to a magnesium deficiency. So do not hesitate to give yourself a few squares of dark chocolate and start a spirulina or seafood cure!

To combat temporary fatigue, also think of vitamins and minerals:

•the magnesium as has been said,
•the iron,
•but also vitamins (B1, B2, B5, C…).

Little more tips to fight against temporary fatigue and colds
For fatigue, an infusion to drink during the day. Infuse a teaspoon of a mixture of gentian roots, rosemary leaves, and dried rose hips fruit in 250 mL of water.

If you are looking for a natural remedy for colds, consider propolis, including prevention. And if you can use essential oils (always in the usual precautions), niaouli essential oil on a neutral seal works miracles!

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