Tips For Heart Care

Tips For Heart Care, Today so many people face heart disease. The major factor for heart disease is Bad lifestyle habits and stressful situations. Here are the best tips for your heart care.

1) Physical Activities

Physical activities are important to the heart. Each heart has its own sports like Swimming, Nordic walking, Cycling, and Light Jogging. This type of activity maintains the vigor of the heart muscle and for building capacity and resistance. 

2) Eat Food that contains omega-3

Omega 3 is better for cardiovascular health. They thin the blood and therefore limit the risk of stroke. Eat fatty fish (sardines, Mackerel, Salmon) twice a week. Rapeseed, Nut, or Flax oil, is the richest in omega-3.

Limit saturated fats contained in Mets, and non-light dairy products, and favor cooking with water over or steam rather than fried foods.

3) Control Weight and Blood Pressure

Control weight and monitor your blood pressure. Being overweight and having Hypertension are the inveterate enemies of the heart.

4) Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol contains calories so overdrinking alcohol is dangerous to the heart. So limit drinking alcohol.

5) Stop Smoking

Smoking is the main cause of coronary heart disease- so stop smoking.

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