10 Tips To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

Cleansing the liver is usually not our main concern until the day it no longer responds properly… Here are 10 practical tips to relieve it naturally.

The hepatic gland, commonly known as the liver, is a very important organ of the body. Concretely, it has three functions: sort, synthesize, and store. It is even the organ of the body that carries out the most chemical transformations.

Cleansing the liver is essential

The liver has an action on the breakdown of hormones, including insulin. It releases and stores glucose in the form of glycogen synthesizes cholesterol, and eliminates it. It stores certain vitamins: A, B12, D, K, and E, as well as several minerals, such as iron and copper.

The liver regulates blood sugar in the plasma and releases glucose during fasting. It plays a role in protein metabolism, as well as in the destruction of old red blood cells, old leukocytes, but also certain bacteria. 

Finally, the liver destroys drug toxins and transforms the ammonia naturally produced by the functioning of the cells into urea, which is then eliminated by the kidneys.

An overloaded liver will cause sharp pains on the right side of the stomach, under the ribs. We generally feel heavy and have difficulty digesting, or even vomiting. Rest is then necessary.

1. Cleanse your liver through food

Behind the famous “ detox cure  ”, we will above all find simple rules, such as monitoring your diet so as not to overload your liver.

After overdoing:

  • Reduce consumption of dairy products.
  • Avoid heavy meals.
  • Avoid chocolate and coffee.
  • Avoid foods that are too fatty.
  • Limit egg consumption.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Avoid sugar.
  • Limit animal proteins and consume more vegetable proteins.
  • Use the first cold-pressed oils.

These tips are obviously valid on a daily basis, but, if it is sometimes difficult to apply them all the time, in the event of excess or ”  liver attack “, your body will thank you for limiting the damage by starting a small detox cure.

2. Stimulate the gallbladder to clean the liver

Among the foods that can be eaten to help the liver, let’s highlight the importance of black radish. This is what is called a hepatic drainer, that is, it cleans the liver.

To do this, black radish stimulates the gallbladder. It should therefore not be used if you suffer from gallstones.

3. Foods to favor

If we have seen what foods not to eat, here is a non-exhaustive list of foods that will logically be good for your liver:

  • cabbage
  • spinach
  • sweet potato
  • onion
  • the celery
  • apples
  • citrus fruits
  • basil
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • mint

4. Detoxify your liver

10 Tips To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from pexels.com

We will bet on the lemon, which has many benefits, including that cleaning the liver. Start the day with lemon and warm water, and hydrate regularly with a mixture of water and fresh lemon juice. These simple little things will do your body a lot of good.

Lemon acts on the body through its role as an antiseptic to stimulate an overloaded liver. You can also take it before sleeping: in case of overworked liver, add a few drops of lemon to a tablespoon of olive oil, to drink before going to bed.

5. Herbal teas to cleanse the liver

You already have the lemon reflex, very good! Put a slice of lemon and a few sprigs of rosemary in a cup. Pour hot water and let steep for ten minutes.

Rosemary is a natural remedy for many ailments, and it is particularly helpful for digestion. In particular, it will help the liver to flush out accumulated toxins. It also acts as a catalyst for the production of bile: for this, do not hesitate to take drops of rosemary buds.

6. Artichoke, an aid for the liver

Artichoke is an excellent stimulant of bile production, helping the liver to function.

By promoting bile secretion, the artichoke facilitates digestion and helps prevent or treat digestive disorders. It is often recommended to take 2 g of dried leaves, as an infusion, three times a day.

7. Peppermint for digestion

10 Tips To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally
Photo by Pixabay

Digestive activator par excellence, peppermint is particularly effective against liver problems.

Peppermint will work on two aspects. It contributes to good digestion, and therefore to easy work of the liver. It also plays a role in purging toxins.

Menthone drains the liver by promoting the secretion of bile and then its evacuation in the intestine, which has the result of carrying toxins very quickly from the liver to the digestive tract, with the aim of eliminating them. Peppermint, therefore, facilitates the rejection of harmful or overabundant molecules that tire the liver.

8. Milk thistle to purge

Used since antiquity by the Greeks who used it to treat digestive disorders, milk thistle is a natural remedy ideal for purging a clogged liver.

Thanks to its active molecule, silymarin, which has these draining and toxin-elimination properties, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends the use of milk thistle to fight against liver poisoning. It is generally found in capsules in para-pharmacies and organic stores or in essential oil.

9. Essential oils to relieve the liver

Essential oils have a role in the regeneration of liver cells. Use lemon essential oil for this. The dosage is simple: two drops on a portion of food, like a small piece of bread.

Peppermint or ginger essential oils can also be used to massage the liver, provided they are diluted in carrier oil. In any case, do not use them in pregnant women and children, and keep them away from most of your animals for whom they can be fatal.

10. Take out the hot water bottle

The heat will relieve the liver, and accelerate the process of eliminating toxins. There are two simple solutions for this: the first is to place a hot water bottle on the right side of the stomach, at the level of the liver, for as long as possible three days.

The second solution is to make a poultice of hot green clay, also to be placed on the stomach.

Whatever you do, remember that the liver is also connected to your whole body: if you are stressed and do not sleep enough, you will feel all the more the disadvantages of an overloaded liver. So take care of it!

Image credit: Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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