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Toothache? While waiting to see the dentist, choose a powerful natural dental painkiller to calm a toothache.

Who has not found how to calm a toothache at night? Toothache is one of the most unbearable pains that exist. Do not delay making an appointment with the dentist so that the evil avoids spreading. And in the meantime, you can ease the pain with these natural remedies.

How to calm a toothache with a powerful natural dental painkiller

If you have a toothache, it may hide an inflamed gum, an abscess, or an untreated cavity. Regular dental care is the key to preventing toothache.

What grandmother’s tricks to relieve a toothache?

In the event of negligence, the pain can be temporarily soothed… but a visit to the dentist will prove to be obligatory.

Toothache: cloves, a powerful anti-toothache essential

It is usually one of the first natural remedies that come to mind for dental pain: cloves. Thanks to an active ingredient in this seed, eugenol, clove help fight against the sensitivity of teeth and gums.

Traditionally used by dentists and in Indian medicine, science has recognized its effectiveness in the fight against dental pain.

There are different ways to use clove: you can crush it and leave it against your sore tooth for 30 minutes. You can also make a clove infusion with a few cloves, which you leave in your mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out. It is also possible to use clove essential oil: soak a cotton swab with 2 or 3 drops and let it act on the painful tooth.

Clay, effective against toothaches

The clay has soothing virtues in case of inflammation or pain and can act in external or internal use in the body.

To relieve your dental pain, you can make a clay poultice to apply to your cheek. In a bowl (no metal or plastic), place a little green clay powder and dilute it with a little water to make a fairly thick paste. Place it on your cheek, where it hurts. Remove when the clay is dry and repeat the operation a little later in the day if necessary.

Garlic, a natural remedy for dental pain

Garlic is also a good ally against pain of all kinds; it is also an excellent natural antiseptic, which makes it possible to ”  clean  ” the mouth in the event of microbial attacks.

Its use is simple: you just have to crush a clove of garlic and leave it as long as possible against the painful tooth. Garlic juice will ease your pain and clean your mouth: be careful, it’s moving!

Ice cubes to reduce toothache

Here is another effective grandmother’s remedy to temporarily alleviate your toothache thanks to the cold. Slip a few ice cubes into a tea towel and leave it against the painful area. Repeat the operation regularly if the pain continues. However, this action is not recommended in case of sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, or inflammation of the gums: the cold can then inflame the pain!

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