10 tips for shinier hair
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Hair that reflects light, it’s the detail that changes everything!

Who says shiny, often says healthy, silky, supple, in a word resplendent! Having shiny hair like coming out of the hairdresser is possible by following a few leads.

Homemade recipe, natural tips, care, and secrets of professionals: we have compiled the 10 best ideas to restore shine to your hair!

1. Use lemon in the rinse water

This is not a scoop but a trick passed down from generation to generation!

The high acid content of lemon gives it two magical actions. First, the acidity eliminates limescale residues on the hair, and two, it tightens the scales. It is therefore a guaranteed double shine effect!

The good gesture: we add the lemon juice to a liter of water and use it as the last rinse water, after the shampoo. 

2. Treat yourself to a lip gloss

This is the secret, fortunately not so well kept, of the professionals!

The trick is to have shiny hair like the stars! This is a treatment that provides phenomenal shine by enhancing the color, natural or not. There are two types of gloss: transparent for natural colors and tinted for colored hair.

Know also: there is no root effect, the exposure time is fast (less than half an hour) and the result lasts six to eight weeks. 

3. Rinse your hair with cold water

This is the simplest, fastest, and most economical secret, but reserved for the brave!

Indeed, cold water has multiple benefits on the hair including smoothing the scales. Be careful, when you rinse your hair, you start by using lukewarm water to get rid of all the fatty substances (shampoo and care residues). Once this is done, the temperature is gradually lowered to finish with a jet of cold water for a short minute.

A habit to adopt urgently as part of a routine for shiny hair!

4. Do a coconut oil bath

Coconut oil is quite magical and has no equal in making hair supple and shiny.

It acts as a sheath around the hair fiber and allows it to resolder of the scales. We choose the purest possible coconut oil, cold pressed and above all without chemical additives. It is sometimes solidified in its container, so all you have to do is heat it in the palm of your hand or in the microwave to be able to use it.

How to use it: apply it generously, strand by strand, then wrap the hair in a turban or warm towel.

Ideally, leave it on for a good hour (even overnight if possible) and then proceed with a very gentle shampoo.

5. Apply vinegar

Vinegar is found in grandmother’s recipes for shiny, silky hair!

The acetic acid contained is a powerful weapon for dissolving tartar, responsible for the dullness of the hair. Namely: any vinegar will not do the job!

We opt, already, preferably for organic vinegar to avoid the spread of preservatives. Then, cider vinegar is preferred for its low alcohol content (otherwise it dries out the hair).

White vinegar is also effective but contains more alcohol. If you don’t like the strong smell of vinegar, you can add a drop or two of essential oil to mask it. 

Finally, the last option, cosmetic vinegar, is offered by certain brands with a more pleasant galenic and fragrance.

6. Take care of your diet

We suspect it but it is not by ingesting junk food that we wear shiny hair naturally.

A healthy and varied diet with a good dose of fruits and vegetables gives more results! We stock up on B vitamins with nutritional yeast, wheat germ, and oilseeds.

We also focus on proteins: meat, eggs, and fish, but also lentils, tofu, and cereals. And finally, don’t forget the vitamins A and C combo: carrots, mango, orange, pumpkin, spinach… Healthy, shiny hair is yours!

7. Brush your hair

Nothing could be easier but it is a gesture not to be neglected if you want soft and shiny hair.

All the impurities (pollution, dirt, dust, styling residues, etc.) accumulate along the length of the hair and end up weighing it down and dulling it.

Brushing your hair twice a day is first of all to get rid of all that and thereby allow it to breathe.

It is also by brushing that the sebum is distributed over the entire length, which makes it possible to polish the hair fiber and provide a shiny effect.

8. Prepare a hair mask

There is no shortage of hair masks, but you can also choose to turn to natural products.

Making a homemade shiny hair mask is not complicated and it’s great for making dull hair shine.

Here are two quick recipe ideas with few ingredients:

  • for the first, just mix egg yolk, a spoonful of honey, and the juice of half a lemon;
  • for the second, two spoons of olive oil are added to honey and lemon.

In both cases, the mask is left on under a Charlotte and then shampooed thirty minutes later.

9. Try Brazilian straightening

If you dream of non-stop shiny and smooth hair for several months, Brazilian straightening is an option of choice.

Boosted by the keratin shot, the hair fiber regains the body and a healthier appearance, automatically resulting in ultra-shiny hair.

After smoothing, we maintain if possible with specific care to prolong the effect of the treatment as much as possible.

10. Take the time

If the hair is always softer and shinier when leaving the hairdresser, it is because they are particularly pampered there: each gesture is carried out with care.

The shampoo with the cranial massage and the thorough rinsing is already nothing! Obviously, the treatments used are always perfectly adapted to your hair needs too.

As for blow-drying, no step is overlooked: thermo-protective spray, shaping with the round brush and hot air but finishing with cold air to close the cuticles… And of course, after blow-drying, the hairdresser sprays a veil of hairspray for hold but also to have beautiful shiny hair.

Obviously, we do not all have the know-how of the hairdresser but we can carry out the same steps at home by asking him for advice both in terms of care and gestures and above all by deciding to allow ourselves a little time to relax. take care of her hair. 

Image Credit: Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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