Psychorigid: all about psychorigidity in everyday life

The term psychorigid is used frequently and often abusively. The psychorigid personality is complex. It is a psychological problem.

What is a psychorigid person?

For psychologists, psychorigid personality is a defense mechanism related to obsessive disorders. This is called an obsessive personality. The psychorigid person wants to rule and control everything because he is an anxious person who can not adapt to upheavals. Controlling everything is a way to contain your anxieties.

Obsessive personality affects 4% of the population and is more common in men.

For psychoanalysts, psychorigidity is explained by the fact that the person has idealized his parents too much. As an adult, she likes to conform to the rules as she obeyed her orients as a child.

The traits of the psychorigid person

Psychorigid people exhibit a number of behaviors: difficulty evolving, little adaptability, a lot of difficulty moving forward, and need a lot of time to make unimportant decisions. Psychorigid people are also not very warm, or even cold, even with people they like.

They also generally have an obsessive and perfectionist side to the extreme, which pushes them to want to manage everything, to control everything (everything must be organized, and planned. Everything has to be put away…). They are always right and rarely question themselves.

Psychorigid, can it be treated?

  • The psychorigid personality can be helped by brief therapies (hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapies, EMDR-eye movement desensitization and sing- reproaches, or desensitization and reprocessing by eye movements, body therapies …).

The goal is to work on behaviors to acquire new ones. Psychoanalysis is also a way of understanding why one has become psychorigid and of being able to change.

  • Working on confidence and self-esteem through fun activities can also help the psychorigid person to let go a little. The goal is to reconnect this person to their emotions and make them understand that having fun in life is possible.

How to react to a psychorigid person?

Living with a psychorigid person is difficult. To live with such a personality at best, it is advisable not to encourage him in his obsessions, his perfectionism, and his need to rule everything.

You can help her by prioritizing things for her, which calms her anxieties. If you want her to do a little as you want and not as she decides, use the “we” and not the “I”: “for once, we could do it like this…” ยป. The main thing is not to rush the psychorigid person and try to maintain the dialogue as much as possible. To allow it to evolve and you to make your point of view…

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