Hair loss Remedies

It is completely normal to lose your hair. However, when the loss of hair density is too visible, it can be prevented with natural solutions. Here are some tips and natural remedies to prevent hair loss in abundance.

Every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs, this is called the hair cycle.  Hair stuck in the brush, on the pillow, or in the siphon of the shower does not count.

However, if the density of your hair decreases with the naked eye, here are some simple and economical tips to try to limit the damage.

Simple tips for healthier hair

Hair loss is usually due to age: one can lose his hair in twenty years! It can also be caused by other hormonal factors: pregnancy, menopause, hormonal variations, stress, taking certain medications, or certain deficiencies. When it comes to hair loss known as normal or not related to trauma, you can follow these few natural tips and without risk.

For significant or traumatic hair loss, it is preferable to follow a specific treatment by consulting a  dermatologist to know the origin of this hair loss.

Plants in favor of the hair

 To strengthen the hair, spirulina powder is recommended in addition to shampoo or mask.• Similarly, to prevent hair loss ‘ nettle and green tea are very effective as tea or tablets.• To stimulate hair growth, aloe vera is undoubtedly the best option: aloe vera to drink or gel to rub your hair with.

Strengthening lotions and shampoos

There are many natural treatments available today to treat the problem of alopecia, the scientific name for hair loss.

Some brands offer herbal bulbs and lotions in drugstores while others offer organic silicon shampoos, without preservatives or chemical surfactants, strengthening the hair and promoting its growth.

You can, for example, try herbal treatment lotions made with active ingredients of plant origin and pure essential oils in order to ensure nutritive contributions for the bulb while stimulating the growth of the hair.

Massaging your scalp also boosts blood circulation. Overly aggressive shampoos and repetitive dyes are also clearly to be avoided.

Hair Loss Remedies
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Favor certain foods

Certain foods are rich in zinc and excellent for the health of the hair. In your consumption, include seafood, wheat germ but also nuts. In addition, iron and vitamins from group B and PP are also important, so consider consuming brewer’s yeast, camembert, poultry, tuna, muesli, lettuce, and even instant coffee!


First of all, know that this is a completely normal phenomenon. About 3 million men lose their hair in France, and a few thousand women. So relax and put this problem into perspective.

Stress compresses blood vessels, promoting hair loss. Do sports, or if you are not athletic, do a magnesium cure, it is a natural regulator of nervous excitability. Also, avoid excessive smoking: cigarettes reduce the flow of blood to the roots of your hair.

If you lose too much or patches of hair, it may be due to recent trauma. In this case, consult a dermatologist to find a suitable solution. Alternative medicine can also help you. The Ayurvedic approach for example offers preventive treatment for hair loss with a suitable diet.

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