What Does The Words ‘No Added Sugars’ Really Mean?

We often see products bearing the words ”  no added sugars “, what does that really mean?

No added sugar

The words “ no added sugars ” – which are frequently found on fruit juice packaging, for example – mean that the product does not contain sugars other than those it naturally contains. 

According to European regulation 1924/2006 on the labeling of food products, food ” without added sugars “ cannot contain ”  added mono or disaccharides or any other foodstuff used for its sweetening properties  “.

The product is therefore already more or less sweet, but with its own natural sugar. Thus in the case of juices, fruits containing fructose, fruit juices “without added sugars” therefore also naturally contain it

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Without sugar

The mention of “sugar-free”  does not mean that there is no sugar at all! There may be up to 0.5 g (of total sugars) per 100 g. It’s nothing either!The food is therefore very little sweet, but it contains sugars.

Low in sugars

The term “low in sugars” means that the product contains 30% less sugars compared to the reference product.

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What Does The Words 'No Added Sugars' Really Mean?
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