How to repair damaged hair naturally | 6 natural tips to repair damaged hair

Do you have damaged and dry hair? You can fix them with natural ingredients and a few easy tips.

To repair damaged and dull hair, you can go through the hairdresser to cut split ends and energize your cut. You can also prepare, at home, special natural care for damaged hair, with healthy ingredients.

Damaged hair how to take care of it?

If your hair is damaged, it is because it has been subjected to attacks: pollution, repeated brushings, and chemical dyes … are your hair’s enemies. The # 1 tip for beautiful hair? Leave them alone!

Avoid silicone-based damaged hair care

Masks and other care for damaged hair based on silicones and/or sulphates can be a good illusion because they ”  puff up”  dull hair, but they suffocate the scalp in the long term and make damaged hair even more fragile.
We, therefore, advise you to use natural cosmetics such as organic shampoo for damaged hair, and home care.

Avoid brushing and straightening the hair

The hair dryer repeated brushings and straightening clearly damage the hair fiber. Your hair is at best weakened, at worst burnt by the heat of the devices. Drying in the open air is therefore preferred.

If not possible, we prefer hair dryers with a cold function, and when we get out of the shower, we gently dry our hair by patting it.

How to repair damaged hair naturally | 6 natural tips to repair damaged hair
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Tie up your hair without damaging it

Avoid ponytails with a tight elastic band, as well as metal elastics that break the hair at the place of the tie.
If you want to tie your hair, we prefer loose hairstyles or better, the braid, and elastics without metal ties or cotton scrunchies.

Home care for damaged hair

For damaged hair, there’s nothing like a homemade hair mask. You crush a ripe avocado with a fork and you can add an egg to make a mask that you leave on the hair for 20 minutes. The proteins and nutrients in these ingredients will nourish your hair deeply. You can renew this treatment twice a month.

To nourish your damaged and dry hair, consider also vegetable oil.
Coconut oil is an excellent oil cheap furthermore, to a mask house. Castor oil is also recommended for damaged hair.

 Spread the oil over the entire surface of your hair (avoid the scalp if it is oily) and leave for an hour under a towel. Then rinse in the shower with your usual shampoo.

Nourish your damaged hair from the inside out

There are foods that are excellent for damaged hair, as well as for nails, which are primarily made up of keratin. Favor foods rich in iron, vitamins B and E. Thus, brewer’s yeast and wheat germ are good foods for the hair.

Likewise, consume lentils and fatty fish (sardines or mackerel) without moderation. Your hair will thank you!

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