Fight Acne with castor oil and healthy lifestyle | Best acne treatment

 During the nights of these three days of Apple treatment, you will have to apply castor oil to each of your acne pimples.

Be careful to cover the entire button area to prevent the evaporation of the pores.

This step closes the pores and tightens the skin  (the more open the pores of the skin, the more bacteria and waste can easily get inside, which is the basis for the formation of acne pimples). You will be able to see the results the next morning.

Fight Acne With a Healthy Lifestyle

1) Drink lots of water; during the treatment, it is recommended to drink at least 3.5-4 liters of water per day in order to purify your body. However, even after the treatment is finished, your water consumption is significant. Warning: during these 3 days, drink only water: avoid soda, alcohol, etc.

2) 8 hours of sleep are required per night; stress and lack of sleep are important factors in the development of acne. During the 3-day period, try not to go to bed later than 9 p.m. in order to more easily get your 8 hours of sleep per night.

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How to maintain the results

To help you maintain the results, you need to pay attention to your eating habits and hygiene. Be aware, however, that some people are more likely to have acne than others: we are all different and do not all need the same thing to keep our skin acne-free.

Get used to drinking water and get a good night’s sleep during the week. For more effectiveness, cut out all consumption of soda, chips, pizza, or any fatty food. Once you start eating fatty, unbalanced things again, acne pimples will reappear.

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