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 If you are frustrated with acne and tired of trying everything to remove it without success, this article is for you. The treatment lasts three days and is not complicated to follow, although a little restrictive. Choose a time of the year that is not tiring. And do not exceed the recommended 3 days.


Against acne: 10 apples per day

The first step is to eat ten apples a day and only that. It may sound incredible, but it is easily achievable 

What variety of apples can you eat?

You should not eat just any apples during these three days: for the cure, it is preferable to favor the red delicious variety. by choosing organic to avoid pesticides as much as possible.

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Why is red delicious?

Red delicious contains by far the highest content of antioxidants compared to any other apple variety. They allow a better evacuation of toxins from the body, much more effectively than with gala apples for example.

Fasting to cure acne: three days but no more

Eating just 10 apples a day will trigger two processes  

  • You will be hungry, and your body will react accordingly, and after a few hours, it will start to eliminate fat from your body.
  • You will suck all the toxins out of your body, which usually comes out of the pores of your facial skin.

Warning: do not continue this diet for more than 3 consecutive days. Your body needs more nutrients than an apple alone can provide.

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